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From April 15, 2003 to December 26, 2004, the Moon's north node travels through Taurus, while the south node trails through Scorpio. All of us would be wise, during this time, to take the words of Taurus people a little more seriously than usual, and to cast a skeptical glance on the urgings of Scorpios. Taurus will undergo a mellow, healing time, while Scorpio will be faced with various temptations.

Astrologers associate the lunar south node with a descent into darkness, with temptations, siren songs, the hidden, the subconscious, death, dreams and illusion - and bad karma. Actually, the south node denotes old karma, which can be good or bad, depending on our past behavior. So your south node can bring belated rewards. But because the cosmos wants us to progress, it discourages any attempt to pursue old karma. So chasing after south node goals often leads to projects or pursuits which dead-end, suffer constant delay, or end in financial, emotional or spiritual destruction. The south node has a canny ability to tempt, to attract and draw us. Once we're "hooked" on this lure, we'll argue ourselves blue in the face to justify what we want. It seems so reasonable, so logical, so just - yet it's all fool's gold and self-rationalizing. As Shakespeare wrote: "When the Gods wish to destroy a man, first they make him mad."

The north node, on the other hand, is associated with good (in reality, new) karma. The north node brings peace and serenity, unhurried thought - and it usually keeps a person safe in whatever sector of life it lays. Usually. For example, from this April to December 2004, many Taureans will find that others "attack" them in word, law or deed. If Taurus refuses to rise to the occasion, no harm comes to Taurus, and the "attacker" tends to fade away in a self-consuming cloud of muffled frustration. (If you Taurus people attack back, you'll regret it, because then you're chasing/engaging the south node.) Saddam Hussein is a Taurus, and will to some degree be protected - though things don't look good. (But he's already survived the assassination bombing attack ordered by Bush, who has Pluto, planet of death, going over his south node of delays and opportunities that don't pan out.) The north node is not as obvious as the south, it whispers rather than shouts - but when we follow it, our way unfolds smoothly and serenely, and we end with a deep, almost spiritual satisfaction, a feeling that we've fulfilled our task or destiny. (In Saddam's case, of course, we might only expect, at best, a kind of "coming to terms" with himself.)

Again, the north node, or "good karma" spends April 15, 2003 to December 26, 2004 in Taurus while the south node, or "karmic temptations" indicator simultaneously travels through the sign Scorpio.

During this time, there will be a smooth, productive path for every sign, and a tempting, entrapping road for each of us.

In terms of the world - what is called "mundane astrology" - the Scorpio south node warns that we'll face difficulties in higher finance, derivatives, investment banking, stock broking, etc. The sins of Wall Street have really not abated despite all the exposes and Security Exchange Commission actions of the past three years. Just last month, Grasso, chair of the New York Stock Exchange, tried to appoint Sandy Weill, the chairman of Citigroup, as a director. Weill has been implicated in the very scandals that recently rocked that exchange - and the world economy in general. It wasn't until New York Attorney General Spitzer threatened Grasso that that slick little guy reluctantly pulled Weill's nomination. This cabal of crooks (we call them investment bankers) will meet its karma now to Christmas, 2004.

The south node will also delay and impede ultra-high and bio-technology, aero-space exploration, medical research, oil exploration and oil companies. (Beware bubbles in the price of crude). Companies beginning with Q, U, and J had a tough time in the last eigthteen months; now this influence switches to companies beginning with the letter K.

On the other hand, an "ultimate buoyancy" arrives for companies which begin with the letters B or I. This is actually a double-good time to buy such companies (all else being equal) because these ones have had a difficult last year or two. Bombardier, the Canadian plane maker, comes to mind. (By "ultimate buoyancy" I mean that these companies might scare you once or twice with ongoing dips/declines, but should come out ahead "in the end.") We should also see "escapes" by such Sagittarian companies as Ford and Nortel - the worst should be over, BUT - Pluto remains in their sign, so be cautious, as Pluto can wipe out anything it touches.

Generally, mansions, luxuries, jazz, chocolates/candies, fine wine, art, beauty, grass and lawns, parks, artists, musicians, earnings (versus investments) will be "blessed" for the twenty months ahead. Sensual love is favored; but deep, binding, mysterious sex is a dicey place to go for all of us - except Librans, who get a pass.

For further indications for your own sign, read below.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
For the past 18 months, "karma" held you back in higher education, legal, international, religious, and publishing zones. Here you met delay, disappointment, or you felt continually spurred onward, but with no concrete result. Now you can push toward success in these zones, especially through August 27, 2003. From April 15, 2003 through December 25, 2004, your luck lies in work, while your smooth karmic path lies in earning money, buying and selling, possessions, and sensuality. Casual sex keeps you safe. Your memory improves; short school courses go well.

Now through December, 2004, avoid investing for the long haul - buy and sell, don't hold. Avoid heavy financial manipulation/commitment. Make every effort to pay down debt. DON'T increase the size of your mortgage. Avoid collusion, power-broking, deep commitments, mystery, research, detective work, suspicion, occultism and major life changes. Sweet romance has/will come (before September 2003) but DON'T seek pregnancy to bind a relationship. Just enjoy love's sensuality. You'll be blessed if you simply seek pleasure and build your bank account through 2004. Expect a deluge of work (and income!) September 2003-September 2004.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
From mid-April 2003 through December, 2004, a new karmic axis arrives. You'll be blessed and mellow; those you relate to will not be. A subtle entrapment awaits if you slide passively into marriage or a business partnership. Also avoid relocation, picking fights (or answering challenges/insults) and litigation. (If they sue you, you'll win.) Don't automatically jump on "opportunities." If someone (for example an investment advisor) gave you bad advice over the last two years, sever all ties with them now, and end any commitments you made on their advice.

Generally, your bigger financial picture should improve now - do buy real estate between late May and August 27, 2003, but not as your own residence. DO NOT make commitments or investments "through" a partnership (nor to keep a partner or other person happy) before 2005. If you remain independent, you will find a smooth, easy, protected and peaceful path. Goodness will permeate your life. Ignore unsolicited advice. Change your life now, especially before September 2003, in the way you want. Don't be solitary, but follow your own road, even amongst friends.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Now through December, 2004, you'll be blessed in spiritual, meditative, governmental, red-tape, head office, institutional, and similar zones. Warehousing, spas and retreats will favor you. Solve your tax problems; update your retirement plans/savings. During these 20 months, lean toward delegating tasks - let go of the "hands-on" approach. Minor chores, daily tasks, working "just for a living" will be traps you should strictly avoid. Learn to use mass production techniques. (For example, write a "template" you can use to answer all those similar e-mails.) Seek labor-savings methods. Be a confidant.

For the twenty months ahead, visit psychics, therapists, financial and retirement advisors, etc. Develop your intuitive talents. Be charitable. If you're in doubt on the job, go right to head office - administrators will favor and aid you. Let your dependents fend for themselves a little more - being your children's "tidy up slave" or "financial rescuer" will harm both you and them. Avoid over-exertion, heavy physical exercise, mega-vitamins, diets, machinery and tools. From September 2003 through September 2004, your security base (home, soul, etc.) will change in lucky ways - buy real estate.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Your rule of thumb for the 20 months from April 2003 through December 2004 should be: "Run the art gallery; don't paint the picture." You'll be lured by deep, personal romance, by creative urges, by the prospect of teaching children, by the intense pleasure or beauty of the moment - but that way disappointment awaits. Instead, chase friends, entertainment, light romance, social pleasures -and your future! Avoid risk, speculation and gambling. You might meet your life mate at a social function. If you keep it light, love can blossom!

In all ways, groups will benefit you through December 2004. Politics, clubs, professional associations, parties, just three guys having a beer - such things keep you safe, alive, and wise. Infatuation pulls you away from the group, into intense private places - and disappointment. If you can laugh with your lover, and like to share friends together, all's well. Don't be drawn into risk, even by friends. Big creative projects could maddeningly not work, despite all evidence that they will. From late '03 to autumn '04, don't treat work duties too casually.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Until December 26, 2004, disappointment will result if you purchase real estate, plunge into family affairs, let yourself be tied down by children or your spouse. Do everyone a favor: hire a nanny and get out into the world of ambition, status and competition. Don't retreat to nature, don't expand your garden, don't build a new house or addition, don't invest in natural resources nor construction companies. Don't nurture, but DO direct: be paternal rather than maternal. Be pro-active, determined. Fall in love but don't "set up housekeeping" yet.

Be ambitious for the next 20 months. People in charge will do you favors. Be ambitious. Seek bigger ponds to swim in. Seek status and prestige. Amongst projects, pick the one most likely to bring you recognition. At work, take the risk of climbing rather than trying to secure your present position. Your personality takes a buoyant, cheerful turn through August, which can help you impress important people and push projects toward success. From September '03 to September '04, the money will come pouring in! Before September, love!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Now through December 2004, the short, superficial, newsy, anecdotal and casual will waste your time - or worse, lead to loss - while the long, far, deep, abstract, formal and idealistic will further your life and inner joy. For example, don't waste your time reading newspapers or watching television news. Instead, pick up a book, or attend college/university. Gossip leads nowhere, but philosophical discussions renew your soul. Religion favors you. See the long-term consequences of actions, rather than acting impulsively. In love, reject casual associations: seek the "social approval" of marriage.

The next twenty months are a great time to expand your mind, especially in a cultural way - travel internationally, seek out foreign-born people, mingle with scholars, absorb books, philosophies, religion. Lawyers will help you. Let understandings become formalized contracts, rather than accepting (or giving) a casual promise. Until September 2003, a quiet, contemplative approach works best. Then, you start a year of optimism, luck and "wanderlust" - a superb year to travel afar, attend university, etc. In higher studies or legal matters, stick to principles - don't get bogged down in the details.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
If you lived life casually over the last 18 months, you now stand empty-handed. But if you sought profundity (formal contracts, legal outcomes, religion, philosophy, understanding, higher education, foreign travel) you now feel deeply closer to your destiny. This April (2003) through December, 2004, your karmic picture shifts: seeking quick payoffs will disappoint, whereas investing in the future will bring growth, peace and reward. For example: do invest, don't spend nor "buy and sell" in the stock market. Reject casual affairs; embrace deep, consequential sex. Change your life.

Your memory might trick or desert you at times now to December 2004, but research will bring you the facts, decisions or insights you need. So don't rely on "what is" - seek what could be, or what lies beneath the surface. Be an explorer, a detective, let your deepest curiosity reign! This is a superb twenty months to make deep, consequential alterations in your life - to change residences, obtain a mortgage, have a child, or begin a new business. If you fell in love lately, now's the time to entwine your lives.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Now through December 2004, you'll be sorely tempted, at times, to be independent, to ignore advice, or to insist that another conform to your ideas, desires or lifestyle. This stance will lead to loss and seemingly inexplicable ("unfair") bad luck. Instead, make yourself travel a road labeled, simply, "Go To The Other." This takes many forms: be diplomatic, flexible, compromise. It also takes a "seeking" form: seek partnership, marriage, advice, seek contracts, seek audiences, fame, chase opportunities, relocate (especially to somewhere far). Interact. Seek the person who balances you.

Until late August, 2003, your career is greatly favored, though you'd be better to chase a new project than an old or on-going one. From September 2003 through September 2004, your social side, networking, clubs and organizations will help boost both your career and your income. During these two excellent, opportunistic periods, the worst thing you could do would be to force your way forward, to insist on your way, your methods. Be deeply sensitive to the desires, sore spots, and needs of others, then work sympathetically - that's your stairway to success!
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Now through December 2004, your peace and success will flow from work, duties, machinery, dependents and fitness (exercise, vitamins, diet, etc.). Be helpful to others in any way. It's a great time to find employment, or seek more. From September 2003 onward, your career gets a lucky boost. But don't take a boost in status to mean you should now sit back and order others to work. You'll get into trouble if you delegate tasks, or focus solely on management. Roll up your sleeves and work alongside everyone else!

For the twenty months ahead, avoid withdrawing, especially into "spiritual" or psychic areas. Your interest in these zones is heightened from 1996-2008, because Pluto's in your sign. But until 2005, you'd be wise to avoid long periods of meditation, retreat and withdrawal. This is not a good time to deal with government, red tape, institutions, charities, or hospitals. Don't enter the civil service. Don't ask to be moved to head office - you'll do better out at that branch, where you can handle details rather than be suffocated by boring policy decisions.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
During the 20 months through the end of 2004, you'll face a choice between two polar opposites (which, confusingly, seem quite similar). On the good side lie: romance, infatuation, beauty, creativity, sensual pleasure, teaching or raising children, gambling, speculation - all deeply personal expression, joy and risk. On the disappointing side are: parties, entertainment, light romance, playing the field, groups of any kind, popularity, optimism, wishing about the future. Your "wedding luck" increases mightily September 2003 to September 2004 - but seeking "the best suitor" will bring disappointment. Follow love instead!

How do you follow love? By immersing yourself in the moment. Absorb another's whole essence, their emotions and soul, rather than seeing people as chess pieces on a board. That applies to business and practical relationships also, now to December 2004. Slow down enough to deal wholly with one person at a time. This is an excellent phase to start young children in a new educational direction. Plan at least one deep, extended vacation, to occur after September 2003. Until late August, 2003, financial and sexual commitments bring deep luck - follow your heart!
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
If you change your job/career now through December 2004, you'll tend to both move into a worse situation, and to make this situation permanent. You might be sorely tempted to make that move anyway, as your present career position might seem insufferable or stagnant. Just accept this-don't force things with your boss (or any authority, including judges, police, social authorities, parents, etc.). Be patient! Ending a job or selling a business, however, is very favored. So are real estate, security, home, family, children, nature, stomach, and soul matters.

In general, now through the end of 2004, secure your present position rather than risking it to climb higher. You'll keep bumping against a glass ceiling, and could lose your footing as you do so. Your future, and your long-range goals, are changing in deep ways. Until late August, 2003, facilitate these changes by jumping on opportunities - for instance, a marriage opportunity has been/will be presented to you singles. From September '03 to September '04, you'll be lucky in finances, sex, investing, and commitments - especially in family, real estate, soul areas. (AQUARIUS - FOR A FULLER EXPLANATION OF YOUR SIGN'S KARMIC OUTLOOK, SEE THE ASTERISKED [*] NOTE BELOW.)
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
I've warned you away from making/forcing career changes for 18 months, Pisces - now (April 2003 into 2008) you're free to make those changes without "karmic repercussions." Your karmic axis shifts to intellectual, communication and travel areas. Now through December 25, 2004, you'll benefit from the "short side" of these areas - newspapers, television news, conversations, short trips, errands, details, paperwork, casual friends. But strictly avoid the ponderous side of these: long journeys, legal matters, court suits (lawyers in general) higher education, religion, philosophy - and avoid "formalizing" love, understandings, other matters.

For the twenty months ahead, choosing between the wrong (long, ponderous) and right (short, light) pathways won't always be easy. For example, conversations are favored, but what if a conversation creates a verbal "contract" (not so favored)? Actually, contracts - and marriage, and love, and relocation, are very favored. But "formalizing" them is not. So marry common-law, don't wed. Or shake hands on a business opportunity, but don't suffocate it with lawyers. Do relocate, but not to a foreign country. In all matters, if you keep your intent light, easy and friendly, the result will favor you.
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* Note: a further explanation for Aquarians:

I've received so many emails from worried AQUARIANS that I'll reply at length. In the karmic forecast for the period April 15/03 to December 26/04, I have advised Aquarians not to change careers - and in general, not to pursue prestige, status, and such. For these 20 months ahead, all ambitious "company man" Aquarians will encounter a type of glass ceiling - you can't see it, but it keeps you from rising up the corporate ladder. (That's why I told you during the last 10 months or so - August 2002 through early April 2003 - to chase new opportunities - so you'd climb into a good position before this "ceiling" occurred.)

If you push during the 20 months ahead (to Dec./04) your bosses, parents, judges or other authorities will push back. Any ambition to "lead the pack" can lead you to dead-ends, can spur you to alienate your boss or co-workers, and, worst of all, might tempt you to act unethically or immorally to gain your ends. To survive this trend, stick with the status quo, keep your head down, tread on no one's toes, and stick it out with whatever position you have. Just look on it as a 20-month hiatus, or a period of consolidating your position.

If you change jobs or careers during these 20 months, you'll "stamp" your new position with negative karma, and perhaps send yourself in a disappointing direction for many years. If you stay with your present position, you'll have a dim or boring 20 months, then recover. But if you let impatience, gloom, ambition or any other motive spur you to leave what you have for a different company or career, that new position/career will be permanently unlucky.

This "negative karma" only affects ambition and prestige, not a "survival job" (the kind you only do to earn a monthly paycheck). However, in that survival job, be pleasant, patient, and don't confront the boss - don't get ambitious, either.

This same karmic influence brings great decisions, wisdom, karma, success, open doors, happiness and peace in an area that is diametrically opposed to ambition: security. So, use these 20 months to focus on real estate, your home, family, nature, garden, soul, stomach, kitchen, children - even your job security. Selling a business, quitting a job and/or retirement will bring benefits that outweigh the benefits of any career. This also leads to an "escape clause" - if you start a business or a career in any of these areas (real estate, children, gardening, security, nurturing, etc.) the "bad karma" forecast above doesn't hold - except when you try to obtain prestige in these fields. So DO be ambitious - but humble, and in areas of security, food and shelter. Nurture, heal, seek your "new platform" for the life that you'll build in the two decades ahead.

Remember this: the monetary and other rewards from security, real estate, home and family, retirement, etc., can far outperform any rewards you might receive even from a normal "career year!"

TO ALL SIGNS: remember, life always presents at least two choices, and your karmic forecast certainly does: so choose the beneficial, growth-oriented, ethical path, and you'll insulate yourself from bad fortune, while nurturing your soul at the same time!

Good luck to you all - and better yet, good karma!

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