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AUGUST 2009 – MARCH 2011


Please go to the bottom of this article to the “KARMIC INDICATORS” if you’re curious about how astrologers “find” or see karma.


The August 22, 2009 – March 3, 2011 karmic phase affects us strongly in the area of practicality, family, home, food, patriotism, ambition, our place in or struggle with hierarchies, security, dealings with nature, agriculture, “mom and apple pie.” (In contrast to the recent, past phase, which placed an emphasis on ethics, morals, intellectual decisions, inventions, romance, theatre, etc.)

Generally, this karmic period will promote ambition, (self)discipline, politics, judgment, utilitarianism, propriety and hierarchical structures. The same 18 months (Aug./09-March/11) will discourage (in essence, bring slowness, false rewards, temptation or simple “difficult progress” to) security, unconditional love, breasts, milk, agriculture, mining, nurseries (human and horticultural) domestic concerns in general, and residential real estate (commercial property might be okay – might).

Though these 18 months generally favour the “ambition list” above (self-discipline, etc.) and disfavour the “security list” (unconditional love, agriculture, etc.) the situation is complex, with both elements mingling. If you hearken back to 1991/92 (the last time this karmic axis existed) you might see that the results of those years were mixed, too. For “Karma” is the main emphasis – good and bad, or easy and difficult, are harder to pinpoint and forecast. (One little thing, which isn’t really an example of this, is that agriculture will face “difficult times,” whereas wheat should thrive.) We all need to be extra careful around November 2010, when actions are significant, results fateful! (Though not necessarily bad – see the preamble for the June 14, 2009 weekly Astral column in the Archive for a deeper discussion of this.)

Winter will bring good fortune, summer not such good fortune, in a world-wide or “world events” perspective.

Companies beginning with M or O (sometimes D also) might have a tough time, while “ultimate buoyancy" exists temporarily for companies beginning with the letters S, H or Y. However, this is not a fail-safe method. It does hint that, if seeking advice, we might do better to ask a Capricorn, or a person who’s first initial is S, H, or Y than a Cancer, or a person whose first name starts with M or O (include D here to be safe).

During this time, there will be a smooth, productive path for every sign, and a tempting, entrapping road for each of us.


South Node:
Western astrologers associate the lunar south node with a descent into darkness, with temptations, siren songs, the hidden, the subconscious, death, dreams and illusion - and bad karma. (Hindu astrologers tend to attribute these to both the north and south nodes.) I think the south node denotes old karma, which can be good or bad, depending on our past behaviour. So your south node can bring belated rewards. But because the cosmos wants us to progress, it discourages any attempt to pursue old karma. So chasing after south node goals often leads to projects or pursuits that dead-end, suffer constant delay, or end in financial, emotional or spiritual disappointment. The south node has a canny ability to tempt, to attract and draw us. Once we're "hooked" on this lure, we'll argue ourselves blue in the face to justify what we want. It seems so reasonable, so logical, so just - yet it's all fool's gold and self-rationalizing. As Shakespeare wrote: "When the Gods wish to destroy a man, first they make him mad." Unfortunately, this ability of the south node to lure us and create traps might be intensified during the present cycle (Dec./07 through Aug./09) if we depend on a lucky throw of the dice to “save us” – whether that throw is at the casino, in the stock market, or simply in life. This time around, romance not only won’t “save” us, it could prove to be our undoing.
North Node:
The lunar north node is associated with good or (more correctly) new karma. The north node brings peace and serenity, unhurried thought - and it usually keeps a person safe in whatever sector of life it lays. During this karmic cycle (December/07 to August/09) many AQUARIANS might find that others "attack" them in word, law or deed. If Aquarius refuses to rise to the bait, no harm comes to him or her, and the "attacker" tends to fade away in a self-consuming cloud of muffled frustration. (If you Aquarians attack back, though, you'll regret it, because then you're chasing/engaging the south node.)
The north node is not as obvious as the south, it whispers rather than shouts - but when we follow it, our way unfolds smoothly and serenely, and we end with a deep, almost spiritual satisfaction, a feeling that we've fulfilled our task or destiny.


Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, from August 21/09 to March 3/11, you will find that domestic, property, nurturing, gardening, agriculture, security, retirement and foundational matters do not particularly go well. This would be a good sector to avoid – EXCEPT where alterations, adjustments, duties or repairs are called for. In other words, be summoned to this area and solve what you must (no neglect allowed!) but DON’T promote nor enter these zones of your own accord, especially not on a whim, a temptation, or a too-good-to-be-true “promise.” Don’t buy real estate during this period, nor institute new agricultural systems, don’t pay a thief who promises a guaranteed retirement nest egg. This is not a good time to arbitrarily end old and start new projects or relationships.
On the other hand, you will be generally blessed in career and dealings with higher-ups. So get a job, rather than vegetating at home! You’ll find a smooth, gratifying and often mildly lucky path when you’re ambitious, or deal with prestige, VIPs, fathers (including your own) and old men, community standing and reputation, etc. Other areas of your life will tend to run smoothly if you choose career over home, ambition over security.
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, the period from August 22, 2009 to March 3, 2011 will change the way you deal with the world. During the past 18 months, you have found smooth progress where you’ve chased career, ambitions, status and prestige – but you’ve been tempted to stay home, withdraw, hibernate and chase domestic bliss/security. If you yielded to that temptation, your life has not really progressed – if fact, you might have slowly created a problem or two.
Now, in the 18 months that start late August/09, you should encounter a smooth, fruitful and subtly gratifying path if you lean toward profound ideas and relationships, higher learning, law, far travel, international affairs, religion and/or philosophy, love, cultural rituals (e.g., weddings, confirmations, mitzvahs) publishing, advertising – and generally, if you try to see the sense in life and society, if you seek wisdom, intellectual growth, and love.
Contrarily, you might find yourself on a road of delays or obstacles (though they won’t seem daunting or large at first – in fact, you might almost laugh at them) if you accent the short and casual side of these same sectors – choosing, instead of profundity, to stick with a “just friends” stance with everyone, to waste time in a plethora of details, short trips, errands and emails, conversations and gab-fests.
In this arena – communications and travel, ideas and knowledge – you will face decisions which determine your success.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, your karmic axis, from late August 2009 to March 3, 2011, lies in sexual, financial, and “revelation” areas. By revelation, I mean the difference between accepting surface appearances and delving deeper to discover hidden meanings, motives, forces and structures. For success during these 18 months, dive deep – research, investigate, deal with your deepest urges and needs, plumb your subconscious if need be, with a psychologist, or reputable, honest “reader” (tarot, astrology, psychic, etc.) or delve into the occult arts yourself. This is a time of commitment and consequence, of deep changes, health issues and lifestyle choices. As you choose, so you will reap. Don’t be afraid, Gemini – in fact, brave choices are called for! Be brave enough to alter a relationship, to invest in your future, to commit to an intimate relationship.
Financially, you’ll fare better if you choose the “long road” – invest, accept equity in lieu of a pay raise, etc. You might create problems for yourself if you opt for earnings and keeping your money “alone,” whereas good results can come from shared money. In sex, this also applies: a deep, committed relationship is better than casual or “no strings” sensual interludes. Ultimately, however, in all these areas, making an honest, loving choice is best.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, late August 2009 to March 2011 urges you to seek out others, mingle and commit, marry, form partnerships, pursue the public (and/or fame) negotiate, contract and agree, relocate, and chase every opportunity you spy. Other people will be your path to success, love, profit, etc., whereas relying only on yourself, being ultra-independent, overbearing or withdrawn, will lead to stagnation, lack of results, and anger. (My advice against being withdrawn lasts three years – through August 2012.)
The beneficial nudge toward relationships goes beyond these 18 months – 14 years beyond! – and contains huge implications for your whole life. Pluto, planet of destiny, has also entered this zone (until 2024) and indicates two things: 1) that true love is almost certain to stand before you over the next decade and a half; and 2) that your most significant relationships will be with stubborn, inscrutable, unyielding yet intriguing people. You face a choice: love or war – or more correctly, merging or alienation. Realize independence might be alienation in disguise. You’ll tend to meet honourable, gentle, morally sincere people during these 18 months, and they will offer good advice. Take it!
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, you can breathe a sigh of relief – 18 months of difficult karma ends August 21/09. This date also begins 18 months of “different” karma. Now to March 3, 2011, you’ll find a smooth, productive path if you tackle the task at hand, rather than delegating it to someone else. During this time, the universe will gently assist you in hands-on work, caring for dependents, in dealing with (or buying) machinery, tools, cars/trucks and computers. Turning an attentive eye to nutrition, diet, exercise, sanitation and preventive health – for yourself and/or your dependents – will bring benefits, not the least of which will be the peaceful, solid, good feeling of having done the right thing.
During the same 18 months (August/09 to March/11) bureaucracies and government agencies, civil servants, institutions (e.g., hospitals, charities) and institutional workers can give you a headache, or simply delay you until a project or goal has lost its impetus, even its relevance. Avoid spending chunks of time in policy meetings, committees, head office, administration, and red-tape situations. Don’t try to run the world through management, delegation, policy pronouncements, etc. Make sure the work is done by being there! Take care that September and early October of 2009 don’t lure you into a sexual or ethical temptation or “secret fight.” It could sow the seeds of an extended struggle, perhaps with legal, educational or international elements. Don’t withdraw before March 2011 – a “hiding place” that promises privacy and security might be a subtle trap. Stay out. Instead, engage others by serving them.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, from late August 2009 to March 3, 2011, the Moon’s north lunar node will travel through your romantic sign, bringing ease of accomplishment, a subtle continuous boost, and a sense of well-doing or gratification in romance, creative endeavours, speculation, teaching/raising children (K-12) and all pleasures that you dive impetuously into. This is one of those times when infatuation could lead to real love and happiness! (At the very least, pursuing any of these karmic areas will tend to make the rest of your life march along in a smooth, fruitful way.)
Contrarily, being afraid to take a big chance, playing the field in romance, being so social that you prevent “mad love” from occurring, putting things off optimistically, saying “there’ll be better chances tomorrow,” going for entertainment rather than creativity – these will garner flat results at best, and, at worst, bring loss or disappointment. All these can be interpreted as risk-aversion; e.g., socializing = seeking safety in numbers. Putting things off optimistically excuses you from immediate, risky action – but in risk you will thrive!
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, from late August 2009 to March 3, 2011, good karma will aid you (mainly showing in a smooth, protected path) in home, property, security, with children (and pregnancy) and in retirement, agriculture, gardening and nutrition. Developments here are irreversible and will affect your whole life – so be cautious, honest and moral. End stale or unworkable relationships/situations, in order to make room for new, fertile and productive circumstances. This entire zone, real estate, farming, security, etc., offers monetary progress.
The same period, August/09 to March 2011, presents you with temptations to move forward with your ambitions, career and status relations, to seek community prestige, political office, situations of power or renown. These temptations can lead you into misguided actions, as small and innocent (but unwise) as vying for attention from the boss (or VIPs within range) pushing to have your proposals enacted, demanding a pay raise or promotion, all the way to not-so-innocent collusion, power struggles, backstabbing, lying to authorities, and general Macbethisms. Your efforts (innocent or not) will tend to meet delays and difficulties. If you push, you’ll get pushed back –perhaps right out the door! How can you stay safe during this? It’s relatively easy: 1) accept any changes occurring in this area; 2) maintain the status quo, and keep your head down. Avoid changing jobs or careers during these 18 months. It is better to quit your job (and simply rest, or indulge in the good karmic areas listed above) than to seek a new one. (Because you will tend to aim for exactly the wrong new job/career!) Retreat is better than ambition, security better than risk. Be honest, good-hearted, and you’ll be fine!
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, from late August 2009 to March 3 2011, your karmic axis lies across your sectors of information and idea. Under “information” are included details, facts, anecdotes, reports, paperwork, news, emails, telephone calls and daily communications, newspapers, etc., as well as short trips, casual friendships, gab fests, siblings, cars and buses, internet (in most cases) errands and related activities. In these, all things being equal, you should find your interests proceed easily and smoothly – and that you enjoy some amount of protection. (E.g., paying attention to detail helps you keep your job.)
DON’T chase the lure of foreign travel, profound ideas, cultural involvements and rituals (e.g., weddings, film fests, etc.) religion, philosophy, big ideas, law and scholarship. In these, you might chase an alluring, promising, but constantly elusive reward. If you’re a lawyer, focus on details for these 18 months. If a writer, write articles or short stories rather than novels. Socially, don’t try to elevate a relationship to profound levels (e.g., marriage).
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, the 18 months from August 22/09 to March 3/11 will offer you a smooth, productive path in surface, temporary and useful things. In money, for protection and ease, buy items which will depreciate or which you can utilize (such as a car, or food). Concentrate on earned income and personal money, possessions – chat up new clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. You might find inexplicable frustrations if/when you focus on or engage in investments (i.e., buying appreciating items – which will, these 18 months, tend to depreciate) and on shared resources in general. This is not a good time to open a joint account, start a financial partnership, combine your assets with your lover/spouse, etc.
Relying on your memory, accepting surface appearances, even living life on the surface to some degree, are favoured now. Sensual, casual sex, yes; deep, life-altering intimacy, no. This is not the time for research, detective work, occultism, secrecy or life’s dark depths. It’s not the best time to pursue a new lifestyle or make great changes. Life’s complex, so these two large zones will inevitably mix. When that happens (e.g., you earn income as an investment broker) don’t worry nor grow indecisive: just act honestly and gently, and all will be well. Sell a former investment.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, between August 21/09 and March 3/11, the lunar north node (good karma) will lie in your sign, while the south node (difficult karma) transits your sign of relationships and opportunities. This hints that during these 18 months, you should be independent and project your personality. You, your mood, and the impression you make on others will be protected, will receive a certain amount of “cosmic gentleness.” Your ideas, morals and ethical outlook will be trustworthy and good (so do trust them!). Your intuition should also operate reliably. This is a splendid influence for this time, because Pluto is dunking you into the sea of transformation, and changing you to the core – your personality, attitudes and beliefs. What better time for an additional blessing from the universe, ensuring that your development is beneficial through this time of deep change? Your plans for the future and your social life are also changing – again, both are founded on your personality, so these changes should also garner karmic/cosmic blessings. Maintain your calm and be self-directed.
During the same 18 months, you’ll be tempted to join forces with another, to marry or co-habituate, to form a business partnership, to contract or negotiate agreements, to litigate, relocate, or to leap on a variety of opportunities that all, in one way or another, involve a mutual effort or a commitment to another person. Be wary of these, Cap. Binding yourself to another during this time (and others will want you to!) can lead to frustratingly irresolute conditions or loss. For example, marrying could bring a suffocating, velvet trap long-term; a business partnership or contract could tie you to an unprofitable, hard-to-escape circumstance. Even litigation is a form of binding. If anyone attacks you (also a form of “attachment”) you’ll succeed if you walk away, fail if you stay to fight. Be happy, productive, ambitious, loving, gentle, romantic, flirtatious, sexually involved – but remain independent!
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, late August 2009 to early March 2011 nudges you to retreat into yourself, to seek spiritual and contemplative pleasures, to join charitable endeavours or organizations. Head office, government agencies and institutions will welcome and aid you. This might seem counter-intuitive, for 2009 pours forth a lucky stream of light, social high times, personal luck, adventurous feelings and bright intentions. For the September-December period of 09, you might do both: be social in a charitable or head office situation, make an adventure of a spiritual search, etc. But in 2010, being contemplative and slightly withdrawn will help you earn more money, and/or invest it more wisely.
The thing you want to avoid, late 2009 to March 2011, is wasteful work. Don’t choose to work because it’s easier than making hard decisions, don’t use chores to avoid a commitment in love, don’t lose yourself in routine, nor let your kids turn you into their slave. During this period, avoid preventive health: “get fit” schemes, exercise regimens or machines, overdosing on vitamins, etc. Relaxation and sweet solitude – and medicine if necessary – will aid your health far more. This is NOT a good period to buy machinery, cars, tools, etc., nor to hire employees. You’ll succeed, quietly and smoothly, in administrative and policy tasks.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, from late August 2009 to March 3, 2011, your karmic axis splits between your “personal passion” and “social joy” zones. This will bring you a few crucial decisions (or dilemmas) in choosing between these two options. On the personal side are deep romance, pleasure, risk, creativity, gambling, sports, teaching and raising children, and acting on impulse. On the social side are entertainment, parties, seeking to be popular, making new friends, planning your future (rather than acting on impulse) flirtations, playing the field (light romance) acting within or for a group, union, political and legislative involvements, conventions, bright new horizons, and “fun.”
All things being equal, you’ll find a smooth, happy, easy path in the social sector, and deep, subtle temptations, but delayed (even non-existent) rewards in the “personal passion” zone. So do play the field rather than fall into a dramatic infatuation. (If you madly chase someone, you could chase them away.) But above all, follow your gentle, wise side: it knows best in love areas. 2010/11 will be two of the luckiest years of your life!
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