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Until December Jupiter, the planet of weddings and good luck, wades through Scorpio - the sign of deep, mysterious sex, of sex that binds, of secrets and lover's trysts, of pregnancy and births and deaths, of huge, sometimes cataclysmic changes - to lifestyles, to power structures, and, yes, to marriages. It's a serious, down-in-the-trenches year for love. We either put up or shut up. Actions speak louder than words, and needs and desires will be more powerful than ideals and "rules." Forget fair courtship; this is necessity, reality, grit and gusto. Some try to seduce the boss or other "power" figures. We'll be practical in romance, yet sentimental. Love this year can lead to a shared mortgage, business or lifestyle.

That lucky Jupiter in sexy Scorpio promises more physical urges than usual (and a trumpeting of sex in the media). But sensual love faces two big challenges this year. Those who commit now - before December - will have to shoulder some burden for love. This could be stepchildren, or an extra career duty, perhaps a reduced income. In addition, though sex binds, it might lead to a relationship in which you'll eventually worry about your security, your attractiveness, and your sexual prowess. Or about your partner's ultimate fidelity. Clearly, we need to temper animal attraction with emotional, social, and moral considerations. Be honorable, and demand it from another. Be with a person you respect, and make sure he/she respects you.

In December, lucky Jupiter jumps into Sagittarius - suddenly, love demands no sacrifices, and its sultry, simmering intensity is replaced by a cheerful camaraderie. It's goodbye lust, hello friendship. Love now has a better chance of life-long lastingness.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Physical attraction blossoms in 06. Sex, lust, boudoir trysts pop up everywhere. Yet romance (respect, courtship, and social bonding) progresses v-e-r-y slowly. Slow romance has an advantage, though: from December onward it can bring a durable, deep and strong marriage - perhaps with someone higher up the economic ladder. Lust is fine, but don't commit your future to it!

If you're married, involve your mate in a financial, investigative or lifestyle project - and reject that sexy outsider! Young couples are very fertile now. (A baby born December 06 through August 07 will have a lucky birth chart).

In general, avoid wedding and divorcing before July.

March/April's flirtation lifts your spirits. Your physical attractiveness glows in May. Your romantic courage soars in June/July, and sensual pleasures knock on your door! Cautious romance pulls you quietly in August. Autumn brings a commitment decision - do you fight, or join? November climaxes a year of lustful urges - careful! December starts a whole year of gentle, true, sweet love!

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
You've just entered one of the finest love periods of your life, Taurus! Now through 2008 you'll meet a parade of exciting, desirous - and challenging - love prospects. If you're happily married, 2006 brings a bouncy new optimism. But if you've been stifled, you'll strike out for freedom.

Love might involve a foreign-born person, or travel to another country. You'll meet attractive prospects in social and sports clubs, libraries, law offices, church or school campuses.

Through November, career or domestic duties - long hours, single parenting, etc. - might interfere with amour. But potential lovers you meet from December onward will consider your career/home situation an attractive asset.

February heightens love between sweethearts. March brings an old but unreliable friend, May a sexy and reliable new friend! Late summer's streak of romantic intensity will climax in November/December, confronting you with a crucial choice - the right one will usher you into a new world! December through February 2007 brings deep, mysterious intensity - you're playing for keeps - lucky keeps!

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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
For the last 10 years the cosmos has tossed and kneaded your love life like pizza dough. Opposition, sadness and struggle have molded you into a wiser, more compassionate person. By December/06 onward, you'll be ready for a real, vibrant, healthy relationship with no illusions and no self-delusions. If you're married, you and your spouse will grow into a rock-solid couple by late 2006 into 2007 - if not, you might separate in 2007.

Before December, you'll wrestle with themes of truth, acceptance, loyalty and abandonment. Ordinary conversations with your lover or spouse take on deeper meanings. Sometimes, the right words will elude you.

Your sex appeal and friendly charm soar mid-February into April. This summer you're tempted to grow intimate with someone you know would not fit with your life. September/October bring "true infatuation"

December begins a twelve-month bonanza of love prospects -- at last! You could meet your future life mate - an exciting, bright, travel-loving person. Be willing and ready!

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
The biggest romantic wave in over a decade swells through November. It's certain to bring you a major chance at love's elevated joys! Romance could occur with a co-worker or colleague - or while you're traveling, publishing, arguing a legal case, researching or attending school. Love is studded with "lucky coincidences" - yet it also demands sacrifices, or major financial, intimate or lifestyle adjustments. Study these carefully before implementing them. You could wed impulsively.

If you're married, your mate grows more intimate and more intent on building your family fortunes. Take him/her on a vacation to far-flung places, or join a sports, fitness, or pleasure-oriented club. Your children please you very much this year.

March, July, November - and February of 2007 - could bring a quick invitation from an old flame. Your ambitions surge in April/May - somehow this makes you glow with sex appeal! Late summer travels create amorous opportunities. November brings an intense romantic surge. Wait until December (or 2008) to totally commit your future.

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Until December, Leo, life offers you a domestic, private, secure, nurturing love. You can embrace this, or you can opt for a quiet, rejuvenating single state. Staying single keeps you eligible for December and 2007's superbly lucky romantic trend.

If you're married, intimacy and family affection regenerate, and your children bless you. Unhappy couples face the best year in a decade to end a relationship in a healthy, freeing way.

All year (and into 2010) you'll attract sexy but indecisive, dreamy, elusive people. Be sympathetic (rather than stern or mistrustful) but reject anyone who overindulges in drink or drugs.

A chatty friend offers intimacy February through April. This friend isn't as certain as he/she appears. Weddings trigger joyous hopes. Your romantic courage surges in June, bringing sweet, promising flirtations. Your natural confidence attracts a "worrier" in August. All relationships climax in November - commit or split! (Be patient at home.)

December starts a 12-month wave of adventure, beauty, creativity and pleasure - love is imminent!

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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
2006 offers a parade of exciting, unpredictable, challenging and swiftly moving love prospects. But by the time you're halfway through analyzing one relationship, it's gone and another appears. It's difficult to settle down and commit. So why not go with the flow? Accept the adventure, have fun, and know that from 2008 onward you're going to start finding true love. The one exception exists for Virgos who fell sweetly in love during the past six months. For you, 2006 will reveal a hundred undiscovered complexities in your loved one's personality - observe, analyze, and adjust!

2006 won't lack friendship, flirtation, or physical gratification. You'll find it easier than usual to chat with someone new. A friendly yet sexy affair could develop anytime, especially from mid-April through May, and when old flames appear in March, July and November. (November strikes sparks at every turn!) Your sensuality lures others in August/September.

December into 2007 brings a renewed desire for domestic bliss - and perhaps a lucky housemate!

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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Your social life fades in 2006, but intimacy deepens. If you entered a powerful sexual relationship last year, test it now for "marriage qualities." 2006 brings you easy, casual sensual relationships, but not ones that necessarily fit your long-term needs. Don't feel you have to accept a deeper bond with anyone.

Now through April, a chirpy, smooth and elusive person could introduce you to a gentle but vast realm of feelings. If you first meet in April, wedding bells could ring! March features an "old lust" - and consequent indecision.

June/July brings a whirl of outings. You could meet a proud, generous prospect at a social function. Don't let August's casual fling tie up your future. Your determination to meld with another this autumn could either succeed - or leave you embarrassed. Be cool; act slowly. November's powerfully sensual, but dicey: others have hooks to snare your future.

A friendly, fresh romantic trend arrives in December - it begins a lucky year of fun and travel!

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
A six-month storm of fiery emotions ends abruptly in February. You'll be more cheerful in 2006 than you've been in a decade, and that cheerfulness will attract many admirers!

Late February and March present a sweet dilemma. An old flame could reappear, or you might grow indecisive about a special person. This phenomenon - indecision and old attractions - also occurs in July and November. You're in a period of transition, of exciting but unstable romantic "adventuring" - it's preparing you for the huge "true love" phase of 2011 onward.

If you don't want the insecurity of adventure, you can easily establish a deeply domestic love tryst, one that holds many mysteries_perhaps too many mysteries.

You'll attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex in March, July, and November. Someone feisty wants to marry in May. November heightens your sex appeal, and brings love matters to a hot peak. Decide carefully whether you really want someone!

December into 2007 features easily sensual, almost casual affairs.

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Through November, you'll be drawn toward meditation, healing and spiritual progress - romance might not even interest you!

But you'll face multiple opportunities for excitement, should you want them. Late February to April brings a challenging, fascinating individual - true "mate material." Don't let arguments block desire. If you first meet in March, this relationship's vigor might be hobbled by second-guessing.

The spring brings sexy and intimate love - and demands commitment. If you can't commit, you'll separate. In June, you might fall gently for someone whose mind you admire. July brings sexual puzzlement and/or an old lust. You'll spy an intriguing person at a social function in September/October. In November, shut the door and rest!

December begins a year of huge optimism, determination, cheerfulness and luck. You're going to change your attitude - and perhaps your whole life! Your surging enthusiasm and energy makes your sex appeal soar in December/January - a fitting start to a year of happiness. A wedding might await you in 2007!

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
If you attracted a thrilling person in the last few months, keep the love fires burning - this affair could lead to marriage! If you're already married, engage in financial and lifestyle projects together. Design your children's future before July.

Your social life expands this year: many calls, trips and emails will offer a parade of contacts, new faces, and mini-adventures. Deep beneath this bouncy social surface, you're studying your future, deciding whether to make a life-altering commitment to someone.

Don't be discouraged if intimacy is slow to develop. A reluctant person only reflects your own caution. Once closeness is achieved, it will grow deeply.

An old flame might appear in March, July or November. May's exciting, challenging stranger could represent deep domestic bliss. June through August trigger deep sexual desires - and some indecision. Avoid "co-worker lust" in June and October. November's intense social whirl creates thrilling flirtations!

December begins a year of quietude. January/February could bring someone who wants to share your private world.

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Life turned serious last summer. You're no longer satisfied with light, playful romance. You want depth and commitment - and your own depth and loyalty will be tested. You'll have to make multiple approaches to win someone's heart. You might woo a much older or younger person.

Or, you might decide to put off the search for ideal love - until December, when more attractive, viable and lucky prospects appear.

Your heart could go zing late February to mid-April - someone's sexiness radiates, and your romantic courage soars. Don't let March's indecision bog you down. Sweet affection drifts into your thoughts in late May - this could lead to an exciting, challenging, even feisty back-and-forth between you and another all summer. October brings sweet, gentle love, but it's probably not strong enough to survive the press of November's career demands.

December starts a year of popularity and social delights. You could meet love of a happy, practical and long-lasting kind at a group function, perhaps right in December/January!

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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Love and travel join hands this year, Pisces. Fly to foreign lands with your mate. If you're single, look for love in airports, foreign countries, colleges, libraries, law offices, philosophy or sports clubs, places of worship, and publishing or media firms. You're electric, unpredictable and a bit impatient this decade. If you want love to blossom, show your soft side!

Wedding bells will ring for some of you this year. Ceremonies scheduled for December or the first eight months of 2007 will promote a marriage of stability, depth, and financial and practical success.

An ex-mate could trigger nostalgia, confusion, and domestic tension in March. Old flames also snag your thoughts in July and November. Your romantic courage surges in May: speak up! Late summer brings a challenging person - it could be love or hate! It's all or nothing this autumn: deep commitment, or separate paths. December into next February brings a prestigious love, or the dawn of career and business success - or both!

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