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NOTE: The individual forecast for your sign comes after the preamble below:

On December 18, 2007, Jupiter moved into CAPRICORN for twelve and a half months, kicking off a brand new luck phase for every sign.
Almost simultaneously (12 hours earlier) the Moon's north node slid into AQUARIUS, giving us all a brand new set of karmic influences lasting until August 2009.

These two phases often interweave, so that our luck and karma seem interdependent. This time, though, neither influence obviously buttresses the other, nor conflicts; they seem to be acting independently. So I'll describe them in two sets for each sign - and you can put them together as your intuition and logic suggest. (Briefly, good luck is akin to optimism, expansion and prosperity, while karma centers around protection, emotional growth and wisdom - good karma granting these, and bad karma withdrawing them - or even actively bringing destruction.)

The new one-year luck cycle (lasting December 18 2007 to January 5 2009) is more significant and fruitful than most. Happily, this particular luck will fit snugly with our practical goals, and tend to produce sensible, long lasting results. Our luck will also tend to involve a huge sea change. (This reflects, to some degree, the huge economic and political changes on the horizon, as Pluto enters Capricorn with Jupiter, the luck planet. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn - 1770's - democracy arose, and power shifted from Europe to the Americas.) For example, for CANCER this luck phase brings the opportunity to marry, but it will be a marriage unlike any Cancer has known before, to a type of person he/she is not familiar with. Relationships, though lucky, will confront Cancer with a whole new set of values, joys and frustrations. For ARIES this phase supports great luck and opportunities in career - but it also sets in motion the most significant change in career (or community status) Aries has ever known. GEMINI not only makes a great investment, but one that forms the foundations for a whole new life.

From December/07 through 2008, for all of us, good luck opens the door to 17 years of both inner transformation and outer, circumstantial change.
The upcoming karmic phase, though it starts virtually the same day as our new luck phase (December 18) lasts longer, until August 21 2009. This cycle affects us strongly in the area of ethics, morals, decisions, etc. Generally, this period will promote altruism, humanitarianism, revolt, activism, political consciousness, union activities, legislature, friendship and large groups. It will discourage creativity, self-expression, gambling and self-indulgent romance.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES LUCK CYCLE: On December 18, 2007, Jupiter moved into the sign Capricorn, bringing you "new luck" for almost thirteen months year (to January 5/09). This will be the best year for your career since 1996. Your work will be a bit harder and longer than usual, but your accomplishments will smoothly line up to support your ambitions. Higher-ups will notice your increased efforts, and stand ready to reward you with opportunities, a new position, more responsibility, etc. What you achieve this year can last for decades - or at least have an effect on your life for decades to come. If you're approaching marriage, your future parents-in-law approve of you strongly. Your own parents stand proud when they see you, and are more willing than most years to respond to your requests with generosity. You can find that your education, international travel or foreign affairs, your religious or philosophical views, your mellow side, or a legal or media/publishing element, contribute luckily to your standing. It's a great year to start your own business or to invest in your skills.
2008 will also bring the first phase in a massive change of your career circumstances. (And of your general status in life - for example, if you're not yet an adult you could face a change in your parent situation, or your family might move to a more prestigious neighborhood or house. If you're single, you might "marry up" or otherwise greet some upward draft in life that would not usually be lumped in with "career.") So do take advantage of your luck to start this new phase in a positive, fruitful direction!

ARIES KARMIC CYCLE: From December 18 2007 through August 21 2009, Aries, you will find life is sweet and peaceful if you plan ahead, gather friends, seek entertainment, and care about the social and political issues of your day. Be an activist. Join a new circle. Accept invitations. Play the field; engage in light flirtation. There is a kind of love that makes us feel at ease, both the chemistry and the friendship are strong, but the huge thrill and embarrassment of infatuation is missing. Aim for this.
You will encounter inexplicable delays, dissatisfaction, and subtle problems leading to eventual loss or boredom if you pursue deep, heavy, Romeo-Juliet romance, plunge into creative projects, wallow in self-expression, gamble or speculate, or try to keep your children separate from the world (e.g., home schooling when not necessary). DON'T substitute parenting for a social life. (Your kids will gain immensely from your own peer-group socializing.) In all cases, groups strike a winning note for you these 20 months. So run the art gallery; don't paint the pictures!

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, your LUCK CYCLE will bring a "year" you'll love, from December 18 2007 to January 4 2009. (Though life's fuddled before February 18 2008, so a slow start is wise.) Luck streams into your love sector, bringing a uniquely gentle, intellectual harmony with a person who excites your deepest sensual regions. Strangely and sweetly, the non-physical and the physical merge. If you're happily married, or single, love reigns!
If you're unhappily married, 08 is more likely to bring divorce than any few years past or to come - a legal, formal parting of ways complete with a fair division of assets. In all cases - new love, renewed love or divorce - 08's events open a huge 2-decade chapter in your life, in which the relationship sorrows and frustrations of the past 25 years will be replaced with true love, deep, gentle understanding, an acceptance of destiny (and of the Divine) and a solid confidence in - in your heart.
Your '08 luck in legal matters soars. You can lawsuits, or sign contracts that ensure a future profit. This is a hugely beneficial year to attend university or college, travel internationally, join a religion or form a philosophy, write, broadcast, seek fame, wed, or link up with other cultures and minds.

TAURUS, your KARMIC PICTURE highlights much different areas. From December 18 2007 to August 21 2009, your career and status in the world will be blessed and protected. This is a great time (especially in 2009, when excellent luck joins that good karma) to change or begin a new career, start a business or aim for honors. Fame is possible, all 08 and 09! But it's the worst time in two decades to focus strongly on food and shelter, domesticity, security, land, or retirement. Avoid real estate, buying or starting a restaurant or food business, farming, forestry, child-care business, etc. If you're already in one of these fields (or a similar one) just "float along," maintain the status quo rather than expanding or increasing your commitment or production. DON'T withdraw!
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, your NEW LUCK CYCLE lasts from December 18, 2007 to January 4, 2009. Even before this phase starts, you'll almost palpably feel the climaxing and ending of major relationship developments. You're ready for new times, even a new world, in almost every relationship - marriage, business associations, dealings with your "public," etc. This new luck cycle will bring beneficial changes to your personal involvements, commitments and loyalties, changes that in a deep, almost unconscious way, set off two decades of transformation. This "year" (generally, 2008) brings great sexual luck - pregnancy to hopeful couples, sensual opportunities to yearning singles, etc. Expect a cornucopia of opportunities in finances, investments, research, diagnosis, investigation, health, lifestyle changes, occultism, relocation - and anything that might change your life in deep, major ways. Act on these after February 18, 2008.
This is a superb time (best in half a century) to set up your future financial (and indirectly, emotional) security. Take out a mortgage, invest in a business or buy stocks/bonds, retirement funds, etc. A real estate investment could support you for many decades - though it might not give flashy "overnight" returns. If you're young, you'll have less to invest, but you'll have longer to enjoy the results. Think "steady, practical, and commitment," and you'll win in 08!

GEMINI, your KARMIC PHASE, lasting from December 18, 2007 to August 21, 2009, emphasizes the mind and all it deals with. Keep the following key words in mind during these 20 months: deep, long, profound, philosophical, formal, cultural, studied, big - these are good. The short, quick, casual, superficial, light, conversational, spontaneous, and snap judgments are _well, perhaps not bad, but a waste of time, a road filled with delays, slack commitments, and meager returns. For happiness and peace of mind, for fulfillment and solid self-respect, pursue cultural events and rituals (e.g., weddings), religion, higher learning, and international travel. Deal with foreign-born people, with scholars and lawyers, publishers and scientists - thinkers. Read (or write) a book rather than a newspaper. Attend a degree-granting, full-time school, rather than "Saturday classes." Buy insurance. Seek the big picture, advertising concepts rather than details, ideas rather than facts and figures. Fall in love rather than keep things on a "just friends" level. Though we should all love our siblings, you could benefit these 20 months by being mildly unavailable. This is a good period for all legal matters, including lawsuits. In business, sign contracts rather than rely on casual verbal promises.

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, your 2008 LUCK CYCLE (which actually runs from December 18/07 to January 4/09) emphasizes the bounty of relationships. This year could bring marriage to singles, divorce/freedom to unhappy couples, and new joys or relocation to happy couples. 2008 will offer rewards from almost any relationship - business, emotional, public dealings, fame, friendships, etc. To take advantage of this luck, be a joiner, even temporarily a follower - good fortune will come through others, rather than emerge from independent action. Adamantly independent Cancers could even face strong opposition.
At least one big, potentially life-altering opportunity will arrive in employment, machinery, tools (including computers, cars, etc.) and health spheres. Pounce on any openings at work, seek more hours or move to higher-paying duties. Any changes you make in your relationships or your job will have far-reaching implications, turning you in a direction you'll follow for decades to come. This is the luckiest year in a long time to relocate. Moving to another city for employment reasons is especially favored. You are facing a huge new future - go forth to find and embrace it this year - explore, see, leap!

CANCER, your new KARMIC CYCLE, lasting from December 18/07 to August 21/09, emphasizes reward, fulfillment, and a smooth path in large finances, investments, lifestyle changes, sexual bonding (deep, meaningful sex) pregnancy, diagnosis, dreams and hunches, investigation and research, commitment and consequence. Follow the mystery, look beneath appearances - take a "discovery" attitude to life.
Conversely, you can lose out or encounter delay if you accept things as they are, or rely on appearances or your memory. Casual sensual sex - sex merely for pleasure - will be a time-waster. Marrying someone you feel only a mild, easy, polite friendliness toward can open the door to a big mistake. In the stock market, buy and hold rather than "day trade." Don't buy depreciating items (cars, furniture) - you'll be rewarded instead if you buy things intended to increase in value: real estate, stocks, mutual funds, etc.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, your new LUCK CYCLE, from mid-December 07 to January 4 2009, will bring piles of work_but there's gold in that pile. You can easily land a lucrative job, increase your pay scale, or otherwise swell your bank account. If you're in sales, you'll attract and keep lucrative clients, because you'll go that extra mile to serve them.
It's not a lottery-winning year, but the economic gains you achieve through hard work in 2008 will merely be the first step in a long, growing financial expansion. Be careful, deliberate, plan and march steadily toward your work goals. In no other year would you be so likely to achieve them! You might receive a lot of overtime, or moonlight, balancing two jobs. The work you perform now can lead to promotions, either in 2008, or 2012. It's a "golden" year to buy tools, equipment, machinery and computers.
This luck cycle can also affect your health, so guard against weight gain, especially around the hips and thighs. Protect these areas from blows, falls, etc.

LEO, your KARMIC CYCLE, from December 18 2007 to August 21 2009, emphasizes the goodness, wisdom and healing qualities of relationship, and the folly of independence. When you're frustrated or seem to be the whipping boy of fate, remember that self-pity - and self-flagellation, self-criticism and vanity - are simply ways of being separate from others. This period will bring dead ends, staleness, lack of progress and frustrations if you remain adamantly independent, if you are certain your way (or idea) is better than another's. You're the most creative and romantic of all the signs, and often creativity and romance demand or entail a certain amount of ego, self-expression and self-promotion. ("Faint heart ne'er won fair lady" and all that.) That's all right - but keep a weather-eye on yourself. If you're going from self-expression to pushy, from healthy self-interest to self-insistence, take a wee inward breather, forgive yourself, and start again.
Yes, forgive yourself. You might suffer bad luck, because karma is paying you back for anything selfish, greedy, immoral (etc!) you might have done in the last 17 years. If it comes, accept it as fair payment, pick yourself up, smile, and march forward. Laugh at yourself, open your arms and heart to others, and you'll do fine! You'll benefit greatly if you seek advice, relocate, deal with the public, seek fame, negotiate, sign contracts, accent diplomacy, marry or form new bonds. Go outward, from yourself. Explore. Make efforts to understand where others are coming from, their desires and needs, and why they see a situation differently than you. Several good, "blessed" people can enter your sphere in these 19 months.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, your LUCK CYCLE (December 18/07 to January 4/09) features love, romance, joys from children, teaching and raising children, beauty, self-expression, creativity, the arts, inspiration, speculative urges, sports and games, and the urge to take a chance on life. Any/all of these will prove both lucky and unusually significant. This is your year to expand, to take that leap into a grand new world! Because your luck planet is also your security planet, any of these - romance, for example - can lead to a new, solid basis of living. The twists and turns, upheavals and relationship frustrations of the past are over - for at least 36 years! 2008 not only sprinkles your days with beauty and passion, it opens a door to permanence. Whatever you create now, fall in love with, take a chance on, or develop as a talent, can "grow your life" in a new, happier, more successful direction for decades. Follow your pleasure - it will lead your steps up a long, winding staircase to elevated views and joys!

VIRGO, your new KARMIC CYCLE will last from December 18 2007 to August 21 2009. These 20 months promise a smooth, productive path in the areas you love: details, nutrition, health, cleanliness, hands-on work, service, care of dependents, machinery and tools (including computers). The past 18 months have tempted you toward withdrawal, independence, even self-pity, as you were forced to confront the results of any "sins" or ethical wanderings you committed during the past two decades. But that "payback" period ends by December 18/07. From here on, for the next 9 years, you will grow, in heart, mind and conscience, toward a sweeter, cleaner, happier self-concept.
Still, now to August 2009, for the best progress, and to avoid potential swamps of illusion and temptation, you should give a wide berth to an area that is usually counted as a blessed one: meditation, retreat, spirituality or spiritual searches, psychics and charitable agencies. You can wander into odd illusions, unproductive imaginings and dead ends in these. You can also travel a time-wasting, rocky path if you become entangled in government interfacing, with civil servants, red tape, institutions, large organizations or corporations. Avoid these, as well as warehousing, management roles, delegating tasks, policy committees, assembly lines, nurses and caves. Be logical; let "intuition" take a back seat - for 20 months!
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, your new LUCK CYCLE (December 18, 2007-January 4, 2009) brings change and expansion in home, real estate, dealings with children and parents, security and retirement projects, gardening, agriculture, soul, nutrition and digestion. Your waistline might expand! You'll benefit from ending certain situations and beginning others - "cashing out." This is a great year to retire, take a sabbatical, or sell a business. (It's not a particularly good year to start a business, EXCEPT in all the motherhood/earth areas: e.g., food, housing, children's products, toys, restaurants, farming, mining, real estate, furniture, a diaper business, etc.)
You'll receive great joy, all 2008, from your children. If they're young, their health and school marks improve. Cheerful days, witticisms and humor return to the home. If you're married and childless, you might not be for long! (Double meaning there.) This is a great time to buy and/or sell real estate. Your holdings can easily double, even triple. You feel secure emotionally. It's a great year for both individual and family therapy, for expunging ghosts. Institute a retirement savings plan - or increase one.
2008's luck will bring both expansion and change - and, via these, stability. For example, moving to/buying a new house will bring a new, enhanced security. Your life (especially your domestic, financial and sensual life) faces deep, significant transformations from 2008 through 2024. The year ahead launches these changes in the luckiest way. So don't hold back - go forth and "reestablish" yourself!

LIBRA, your present KARMIC CYCLE runs from December 18, 2007 to late August 2009. During this time, you can choose a puzzling, frustrating, disappointing road: it lies in socializing, entertainment, groups (unions, politics, seminars, conventions, etc.) future plans, and light romance (flirting with many, playing the field).
Or you can travel a blessed, gratifying, and oddly easy road by embracing risk and impulse - plunge into deep romance (or infatuation) express your heart, dive into the pleasure of the moment, create, teach/raise children, and pursue beauty. Your life will benefit even if a particular object in this area doesn't succeed. For instance, you might chase romance, not land him/her, and yet still be happier than if you hadn't tried. So paint the picture; don't run the art gallery. Move things to the personal; don't seek safety in groups. Your life will soon change deeply and meaningfully - change with gusto!
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, your present LUCK CYCLE lasts from December 18 2007 to January 4 2009. It features an expansion of travel, friendships, contacts, details and paperwork. Your curiosity, especially about money matters, will surge. Follow it - you'll gain information that can pay off in increased earnings in the years ahead. Curiosity in general will be your luckiest "urge" in 2008, as it provides the spark that initiates new contacts and friendships, travel, hobbies and interests. You should literally eat up newspapers and magazines, books and news media shows. Put web search engines on your daily "go to" list. Ask questions; send queries. Seek, find and explore new worlds.
Siblings might become a fixture in your daily life. Welcome this, as they can increase your sense of wisdom, solidity - and your income! If you're single, casual trips and conversations can lead to sensual encounters. For the next two decades, you're going to be more communicative than you have ever been. 2008 leads you luckily into this new amity and camaraderie. You'll find that your ability to make money depends, in future, on your communicative and travel abilities. You might even become employed as a writer, media spokesperson, news worker, dispatcher, transport operator, distributor, etc.
Some of the contacts you make during 2008 and 09 can later become solid friends. They'll introduce you to new social, political, work and business circles.

SCORPIO, your new KARMIC CYCLE, which also starts December 18/07, and lasts into August 21 2009, urges you to reject pride and embrace humility. Although I'm urging you to make contacts and pursue information that can enhance your career and business performance in future years, the present karmic period is NOT a good time to change careers or launch a business (especially if you need the help of big-wigs). Maintain the status quo on the job. If you demand a promotion, or seek recognition for your efforts, those in charge might resent your pushiness - and they could push back. This doesn't mean you can't succeed at work or find employment - the magic word is "humility." Don't reduce your chances by insisting on a prestigious job, or "the one I'm qualified for." If you hear yourself uttering this phrase, slap yourself and change direction!
On the other hand, you'll face a smooth path and pleasantly surprising progress if you accent humility, seek quietude, and pursue security, nature, home, domesticity. Ending is better than starting. Nurture your family. Garden. Build a house, in all ways. Remember: the quiet person who owns a thousand apartments is better off than the low-paid manager who has his name in gold on the desk.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, your new LUCK CYCLE, in force from December 18 2007 to January 4 2009, emphasizes money, money and more money. You're going to make more, and you'll probably spend more. This is the year you splurge on a new car, furniture, school program - or travel tickets! Although the accent is on possessions that decline in value versus investments that accrue value - hopefully! - you could make some quite lucky investments. For instance, buying a house or apartment might be a good idea. You could have an increased income, allowing you to make larger mortgage payments. You can buy and sell almost anything during these 13 months.
Your career and relations with bosses and parents enter a sober, serious zone, which will tend to stabilize your income gains. DO ask for a raise, as 2008 could place you on a permanently higher income plateau. What you achieve this year ahead is only the starting point - for the accent on increased earnings will continue for 17 years. You'll build a castle of money! But DON'T become dictatorial about money. You'll also find that "casual intimacy" is easier to achieve now through 2024 - but ask yourself if this is all you want.
Governments, big corporations, institutions and large organizations will be fertile employment or contract/income venues for you. Fill out applications for grants and government-guaranteed loans. However, beware huge debts - this luck cycle could tempt you to go overboard.

SAGITTARIUS, your KARMIC CYCLE, from December 18/07 to August 21/09, urges you to stick to the facts, to notice details, to talk and be willing to waste a little time in the niceties of daily life, to travel locally, to be curious_This is a somewhat contradictory time, as you love world travel, big ideas, higher learning, religious and/or philosophical musing, and you usually say: "Don't bother me with mere details!" But now to August 2009, you'll lose out if you insist on embracing large, vague concepts and relying on life and "all those other people" to take care of details. For now, newspapers are better than books, short trips than long. Strictly AVOID lawsuits through August 2009.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, your new LUCK CYCLE started December 18/07 and will last to January 4, 2009. This cycle contains massive implications. It ushers in the most important phase of your life, lasting from 2008-2024. Age and circumstance will determine how this luck cycle - and the huge transformative "era" it sparks - will play out. And, strangely, there's very little to say about it, because both this lucky year ahead, and the significant two decades it births, affect you personally, rather than specific areas of your life. So your money fortunes won't particularly change, nor your love life, nor your employment field, etc. But deep, massive changes will begin inside you, and radiate out, to transform all these spheres, sometimes slowly and subtly, like water changing color in the sun, sometimes quickly, like the sudden shifts in an earthquake. Some things are clear: 1) your social circle will change; 2) your future goals/plans will change; 3) your personality will become more magnetic, firm and "no nonsense," more focused, and perhaps more obsessive. You'll grow more interested in power, politics (especially in how movements are born) in group dynamics, depth psychology, life and death (and rebirth), in nuclear power, high technology, high finance, medicine, outer space, criminology, sex, intimacy. All this, for 17 years - 2008 starts it off with a lucky "launch of personality" - aim for freedom from past stale stakes, re-invent yourself, and take on fresh, worthwhile duties. Don't be too quick to chase everything in 3) above - wait until late 2009 onward. (See "Karmic Cycle" below.) The biggest dreams of your life will come true over the next 17 years!

CAPRICORN, your present KARMIC CYCLE lasts from December 18/07 to August 21/09. These 20 months urge you (despite what I wrote above!) to accept things, people and situations as they appear. Don't pry or skeptically lift rugs to see what's beneath. The big 17-year Pluto cycle you're entering is a tricky thing: you can go up or down morally. So use these first 20 months of it to embrace and enjoy your new luck and freedom. Grow philosophically, read, learn and travel. Avoid "deep," perverse or extramarital sex, research, major life changes, big investments. Instead, enjoy casual sensuality, depend on your memory, and focus on earnings. (Especially in 2009 - it will give you funds to tackle bigger things in the 17-year cycle.) In the stock market, buy/sell; don't "buy and hold."
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, your new LUCK CYCLE, December 18, 2007 to January 4, 2009, emphasizes and expands the quiet, private, background areas of your life. You'll have beneficial dealings with government agencies (civil servants in general) hospitals and other institutions, charitable and spiritual corporations, and large companies. Assembly lines, warehouses and big, quiet enclosed spaces bring luck. For example, if you own your own business, you might benefit from building or renting your own warehouse, rather than purchasing from a middleman. If you're unemployed, apply for work in a factory, a warehousing company, or try your hand as a spelunking guide (cave tours).
If you're young, your future career (to 2024) might involve one of these areas. If you're in some completely unrelated field, you can find these themes entering to boost your value as an employee (or consultant, business owner, etc.). Because your empathy is going to grow 2008 onward, you might find a niche as a nurse, social worker, psychic, counselor, financial advisor, psychologist, astrologer, spiritual healer or advisor, etc. (Of course, first make sure you have an innate skill - and education - in these zones.) In general, all Aquarians will, be welcomed into closed-door planning and management sessions - some of you will be invited to permanently join the ranks of management, or to become members of policy committees, etc.
During this luck cycle, you'll benefit from meditation, contemplation, and spiritual pursuits. This is one of the best years of your life to visit a therapist, counselor or other advisor (including psychics and astrologers). You can rid yourself of old ghosts, childhood traumas and other psychic and emotional drains. Stay away from crutches such as alcohol and drugs.

AQUARIUS, your KARMIC CYCLE, from December 18, 2007 to August 21, 2009, blesses you more than any other sign. You will be "paid back" for all the good deeds you performed over the last 16 to 17 years. An unusual peace and mellowness flows over you. You will judge people and things rightly. This is a time of protection - almost nothing can hurt you. But avoid entangling your life with others' now. This is not the best time to relocate, marry, form a business partnership, sign contracts or otherwise tie yourself to people who might be going downward, just as you're ready to go up! Avoid litigation. Those who sue, threaten or attack you are, in a paradoxical way, trying to bond with you. Don't fall for this sticky web - if you turn away from fights, you'll win them.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, your new LUCK CYCLE began December 18 2007 and runs to January 4, 2009. You face one of the luckiest scenarios of any sign these 13 months. Wishes will come true, especially those involving your career and ambitions, your status in the community, and parenting roles - all the themes you've worked so hard at over the last decade. But further "power actions" in these spheres won't yield much, at least not in 2008 and '09. So your luck is a bit conditional - it encourages you to be in - or demands - relationships. Lonely striving after an ambitious goal won't work anymore. In 2008 relationships contain opportunity, the seed of life-long happiness, and the road to wishes coming true, to your future. Yet they won't be easy: others will demand a certain level of respect, loyalty and level-headedness. You might say, "I love you!" and they might say, "Prove it."
Still, it would be hard to find a luckier year. Your popularity will soar - some will even be thrust into fame! A mood of celebration, of fun and entertainment, surround you. Life looks and feels brighter; optimism fills your heart and makes you glad to get up every morning. Don't take new social connections lightly - you could enter one of the most important social circles of your life, a group that will benefit you for at least a decade. These new people open vistas of understanding that never leave you. You might meet your future mate in these new circles. For 17 years, friendships will intermingle with higher learning, religion, philosophy, media projects, cultural events, international travel, publishing or legal processes.

PISCES, your new KARMIC CYCLE lasts from December 18 2007 to August 21, 2009. During this time, you'll find a peaceful, smooth and productive path in mystical, spiritual, meditative and similar paths. You'll be "protected" or blessed in dealing with government agencies, institutions, charities, large companies and organizations, warehouses and assembly lines. Civil servants or those who work behind the scenes will feel mild protective warmth toward you. You'll succeed where you manage others, create policy, and delegate responsibility. You can meet delay, dead-ends, subtle traps, even loss if you focus on service, employment, hands-on chores, dependents and pets. Be no one's slave. Don't go crazy on vitamins, exercise and other preventive health regimes.
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