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2012 begins with hope and vigor. Last year’s most promising projects, which stalled all autumn, suddenly advance. You now have six months – only – to give these optimistic ventures a mighty push. After June, luck puts on new shoes, for a new dance.

Over the world, 2012 will continue the slow, grinding journey of hierarchy change – with abrupt lurches, such as the Arab Spring. Revolt has not ended – major clashes seem imminent June to September, and the biggest will come in 2014. This summer/fall, the establishment will again try to suppress or illegally use technology – a huge protest will follow.
Both Koreas will feel, politically, like their foundations have been yanked away.

There is no reliable birth chart for the European Union, which formed imperceptibly over time, like a cloud sculpture. The euro currency might rally in late 2012, but will face worsening problems right into 2014. Ultimately the euro will be transformed, but should come back stronger than ever – barring a 2014 implosion of the entire EU.

2012 begins a huge 15-year growth in religion (especially Christianity) oceanic activities, film, drugs, astrophysics, optics and charity. From January through June, farms suffer from over-fertilization or “burned ground.” Forest fires proliferate. Massive earthquakes are possible in the third quarter, perhaps in South America. But, Mayan prophecies notwithstanding, the world won’t end in December – the aspects are too benign.

Beginning in June, obvious by October, the U.S. economic malaise will lighten in tangible ways. One year of great growth will ensue. But Canada and the U.S. still face huge export problems. Property markets in general will continue 2011’s buoyancy to mid-2012, then sag.

We should avoid starting any new projects March 12 to April 4, July 13 to August 7, and November 6 to 26.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
You’re filled with the vibrancy of a whole new adventure. Life is fresh, friends are new.
Money travels a lucky path January to June – a superb six months to land a new job or seek a pay raise, especially in January and May. A huge bonus could arrive! International, educational or legal affairs – and perhaps a “dull” relationship – could be stepping stones to advancement. You’ll work hard this first half of 2012, so protect your health against over-exertion, stress, rashes and burns.
The whole year tests your career and status with the constant pressures of change. Rebellion on your part could lead to a battle with authorities, especially August to October. Mentally, be profound, not superficial.
The last six months, your attention switches from money to travel, friendships and communications. Be curious, follow your nose: a place you visit could later become a great home. However, delay short trips June to August – go international.
Heavy romance is rare, but friendships and flirtations abound. Someone might chase you in January. An exciting person arrives in July/August, and intimacy could follow!
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
You’re plain lucky January to June! Your world changes and expands happily, you’re cheerful, and success blossoms in investments, lifestyle choices, intimacy, research, and childbirth. Avoid careless spending, especially this summer. Buy appreciating, not depreciating assets.
The sun shines on your work-place by October, lifting the grey, restrictive cloud that’s slowed employment affairs for two years – your money luck surges upward and your earnings increase, right into mid-2013. Seek a permanent pay raise rather than overtime. Woo new clients – it will be easy.
Powerful romantic lures draw you the first six months. Be honest and moral in love, particularly in January and April. If you’re single, a sexually charged atmosphere deepens your chances for a satisfying relationship. (But if you meet a man late January to mid-April, he might have a complex, wounded ego: be careful.) If you’re married, excitement regenerates your boudoir.
Very different friends start appearing: sweet, shy, true friends, whom you’ll treasure for decades. Marriage to “another generation” occurs for some this autumn to 2014 – hints, attractions appear in December.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
Until June, you remain in a quiet, healing place. Use this interval to seek physical and psychological cures, to solve any differences with your mate or ex, and to take care of government, tax, administration or similar matters. The delays that affected these matters have dissolved – charge forward. If single, you’re drawn to a love that is more comforting than exciting. Don’t use someone just to fill a void.
Until July, complex issues on the home front make you swing between anger and joy. Be gentle! Good luck will come if you buy, renovate or repair a home – but don’t occupy a new residence before July 3.
June begins twelve months of super luck. Fifteen years of adversity end. By late summer you grow cheerful, happy, and friendly. This autumn or in 2013 you could start one of the most successful ventures of your life. You might marry. Romance continues to be quiet and sober until October. This month could bring The One. Romance visits in June, also, but take care – tempers lie hidden. July/August trigger fond urges. Someone wants an answer in December.
Protect your digestive system through June.
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Sudden, unpredictable events will change your career position or neighbourhood status, probably this summer. You could rocket to the top – but conditions will be volatile, so remain alert and brave. A prestigious mantle you don might confer more honor than money, or have a humanitarian purpose. Investments, other people’s finances, research, lifestyle and health factors both spur change and offer fertile fields for advancement.
Until June, your social gifts help you climb ambition’s ladder. After August, employment luck hovers in management, government or charity situations.
Relationships remain a powerful, evolving force. You’re friendly and talkative through June. The summer might create a duty-versus-love conflict. From September into 2013, socializing disappoints but deep, serious romance becomes a subtle blessing – whether you win or lose. A “quiet” choice exists this entire decade: you can let alienation quietly creep into all your relationships, or you can fall for one of the deepest loves of your life (who could already be your mate). Love can arise anywhere – even with a former enemy.
From October onward, heavy security and domestic duties dissolve. Guard against stress and digestive upsets.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Your career luck soars for the first six months, so charge after a shining goal – you can seize it! It might be your status that soars – you could marry upward, be voted club president, or receive an honor. After August, turn your attention to home and family – your career needs a rest.
Major money flows swiftly to you January to June. Be careful – if you spend heedlessly, you’ll end poorer than you started.
Wishes come true from June onward (but not very reliably June to August). Romantic dreams will be fulfilled and your popularity will surge – IF you join with others. A special crowd will open its doors to you, and bring a thrilling wave of creative success, speculative ventures, and pleasure. Issue invitations and accept them – after August.
Sensual urges strike the entire first half, especially in February. Love puzzles you April to June, when you might deal with a former flame, or agonize over whether to commit. Amour is powerful October to December.
During this expansive year, guard against weight gain. If you have experienced walking restrictions (e.g., bunions) October into 2013 might bring a cure.
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You’re the sexiest member of the zodiac January through June – so sexy, you might get in trouble! Your financial drives are similarly powerful. Either one can transport you to a huge triumph, or a burdensome prison. Honesty and hope bring success; lust and hunger for power bring the burden.
These unusual six months are merely the introduction to 8 years of changing sexual attitudes, and to 15 years of enchanting relationships and opportunities. During this period you will meet your true opposite – dreamy, inspired and free-spirited (versus your logical, practical, prudent nature). It’s a good match.
The first half of 2012 offers many providential openings in far travel, publishing, learning, law, and cultural affairs – perhaps a wedding.
Higher-ups favor you this spring and summer, but your ambitions need wisdom and caution. September into 2013 brings huge career/status luck: a promotion, your own business, more clientele, or a social status boost, perhaps through marriage.
Two years of earnings restrictions end in October. Sign a real estate contract before September. A pervasive worry lifts off your health picture in February.
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Love and friendship meet a rollercoaster in 2012. Life throws oddball but charming people your way. You might change partners on a moment’s whim – but behind that moment are years of deliberation.
Amour is deeply intimate before June. A spring/summer link combines love and lust, and seems altar-bound. Be patient: before September, weddings (and legal matters, foreign countries, higher education, cultural and publishing projects) are traps in disguise. This autumn into 2013, these zones transform into hugely lucky ones.
A clash between your adventurous urges and your security needs reaches a summer climax. There could be fights, battles of will, and sudden decisions. After it’s over, by October, a huge, restricting caution lifts off your shoulders – and a brighter, stronger, happier you emerges. This attracts healthier love.
You might change your home before October. (Buy property before June.) Investments drip with good luck January to May. After August, concentrate on earning money. Be conservative; a mortgage might weigh in 2013.
A natural, balanced era has begun in health and work spheres. Digestive problems ease. Avoid viral contamination, and protect your feet.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
A sweet romantic phase touched you too briefly last year, then retreated. Now it comes solidly – for 15 years. Before June, marriage could result. But there’s no rush: you have 15 years. Intimate moments flow in January and all spring/summer. Be discerning: lust (power-based sex) will disappoint or worse, while friendly, sensual intimacy will bring health and happiness.
You’re socially assertive from January to July, especially with co-workers. Two wishes about work, machinery or health can come true, so wish away! But reject a work goal that involves a big outlay of money. Investments and debt can be alluring sinkholes before September – but earnings remain protected and buoyant. Before June, you’ll meet a good opportunity to increase your income, or to form a lucrative partnership.
Your health appears good until July, though optimism can cause overexertion or injuries. Avoid too much sugar this spring. September’s nagging problem could grow, so get it checked.
October begins two years of a more serious, sober outlook: resolve to build your assets and position. Unveil your hidden communications skills.
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
This year splits in half, Sage. Until June, bosses are impatient and critical, and chores
multiply crazily; yet you’re inventive and lucky on the work front, and you could easily come away with a promotion and/or pay raise. Until 2023, your best income sources are governmental, institutional and managerial situations.
By July, work demands diminish, freeing you for 11 months of adventure, travel, lucky re-location possibilities, relationships, and bright new horizons! But the summer is complex, so wait until September onward to launch big projects.
After August, all success will come from approaching and joining with others, all disappointment from attempting to go it alone. You might find true love and wed late this year or next. Fame might tap your shoulder.
A vibrant 8-year romantic era began recently. Travel and conversations will yield sparks. You might feel you’re in love April to August – still, wait and see – consternation brews. September onward, your way is clear.
Watch your diet now to 2025. Internal combustion problems (IBS?) can crop up. Keep your basement dry, and avoid bogs.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
A slow, unstoppable wheel of change turns from 2008 to 2023. Your career, your life, your friends and home will transform. Ask yourself: how can I use changing circumstances to make my deepest, oldest dreams come true? By October, you begin two years of wish fulfillment. Recent “catastrophes” have sown the beneficial seeds of a new, better life.
Until early July, avoid legal hassles. (Do sign real estate contracts – but stick to revenue properties.) You might face friction in foreign countries, cultural venues, higher education, publishing and religion during the first half.
Your home life holds surprises (and money inspiration). You might find a terrific income source in real estate, food, furniture, agriculture or maternity fields.
The romantic delays of 2011 end right now. You possess buoyant love luck January to May. If you’re shy, someone cheerful might “adopt” you.
Chores will multiply mid-2012 to mid-2013. One source of income might end, yet another begins. Money is more unpredictable now, yet you worry less about it. Avoid starting new work projects before late August. After this, lucky extra work flows in.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Before June, shore up your private life. Buy a home or vacation retreat, expand your premises, heal your family, or make a big deposit on your children’s future (e.g., an education savings plan). What you do now in these areas can bring profit and happiness for years to come.
This summer gives a complex message: life offers good luck but bad karma in romance, adventure, creativity, speculation, sports, and pleasure pursuits. Karma wins, so wait. September onward brings pure love luck – and only luck! Romance that arrives this autumn to mid-2013 can lead to lifetime love.
Someone you enjoy talking with radiates a powerful sexual allure January to July – or you might reveal a secret lust to someone. Be self-protective.
Your money picture takes a big turn this February. Now to 2025, new earnings sources will spring up in anything connected to the oceans, film, optics, espionage, physics, plumbing, medicine, nursing and compassion. Avoid impulsive investments January to July. But buy real estate before July, not after.
Your health looks fine – but watch what you eat September onward.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Your career remains protected until September. Higher-ups support you and your plans. This is a splendid time to change careers or employers – and to ask a parent for a big favor. Travel, read, be curious, strike up conversations. What you learn can lead to valuable career advantages. Through August, steer clear of real estate purchases, and avoid spending too much time at home. Children exaggerate their demands – don’t be bullied.
By September, right into mid-2013, the picture changes dramatically: you can find one or two of the luckiest realty purchases in your life, kids charm and bless you, and you can benefit from working at home, even running your business from the kitchen or basement.
Until July, relations intensify – you could make an enemy, or fall in love, or both. The opposite sex has never seemed more striking, even as you stroll down the street. Partnering now might involve ongoing money opportunities – and risks. All year (every year to 2023!) viable life-mate prospects will appear in your social group. If you want romance, multiply your friends!

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