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FEBRUARY 14, 2005 TO FEBRUARY 13, 2006


This Valentine's Day enchants us with someone's ethereal beauty, sexy sizzle and kind spirit. It's easy to fall in love this day, and it's easy to chase the wrong person - you'll know how you fared by suppertime. (Or if you're confused, by Tuesday.)

As for the whole year ahead, only your personal birth chart, with its destiny indicators, can reveal when true love will arrive. Most people meet true love prospects between one and four times in their life. So you might or might not encounter your life mate this year ahead, no matter what I write. This present love forecast can only show you the trends - when, where and with whom attraction is most likely. And the kind of love (sensual, flirtatious, practical, etc.) that life offers you in 2005/06. Who knows - this could be your destined year! If not, you can still taste love's promise - that is never denied.

Spring and summer promote marriage-oriented love, especially for Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius - and Libra. Autumn and winter (into February/06) stir the fires of physical passion, and favor Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces - and again, Libra.

Old flames lure many of us in March/April (marriage-oriented) July/August (romantic and stormy) and November (passionate inside with a breezy exterior). All spring, notes, emails and passing glances whisk through our love lives, like the sparks from a swirling fire.

Love is "dynamic" May and June - many couples who form now will later revel in feisty arguments. True romantic love arrives in July. But July and August are bad times to start co-habiting_wait until autumn.

For the entire year - except mid-July to late October - love demands a financial, sexual or domestic sacrifice. But love could be worth it!

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
Your spouse will be cheerful, optimistic, friendly, willing to go places and take chances. If you're single, life brings you someone bouncy, cheerful and friendly - you could marry!

Married or single, love will thrive if you travel afar, join a school, write a book or open a website, or otherwise pursue a big, happy project - make it a mutual one!

But don't slide into a relationship for any reason but love - and don't pursue someone who constantly slips just beyond your grasp. (Retreat - and don't deal again with this person.) If you're married, your intuition is more reliable than your mate's concerning important matters.

Someone's chasing you March/April. Your sex appeal radiates powerfully in June and July - intense romance brings a big decision! August features an old flame, and begins seven months of abundant sensual gratification - but don't mistake casual sexuality for love. August also starts two years of serious duties involving love and children.

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
You start this year steeped in domestic, work and security concerns. But March and May sound a clear social note - you could meet an indecisive but attractive romantic partner at a group function.

An unusual planetary phenomenon imbues you with sizzling sexual magnetism from August right into next February. This could bring major romance. Be very ethical during these "hot" seven months - avoid extramarital temptations. Contain your temper; be assertive but gentle.

Some of you will react to this heightened emotional intensity by trying to bury yourself in your work. Don't do that after October, when a new 12-month influence of lucky relationships combines with your huge winter romantic luck. Life will bring you someone deeply sensual, cheerful, equal to you, and ready for a committed relationship - yes, you might wed. If you're married, your mate grows lucky, optimistic and wants to travel. Happiness looms!

All year, social surprises tell you that past decades of relationship struggle are over - listen!

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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
2005 brings your most romantic year in a decade! Until November, your spouse or lover will be more forgiving of your flaws, sensitive to your needs, and eager for the kind of adventure you love - travel, exploring, witty conversation, etc. If you're single, this year brings a person who fills you with calm, exquisite sensuality, yet who bubbles with cheerfulness and talkative good spirits. You and he/she might marry, either this year or in 2007! Don't chase love too hard: what comes to you is far more valuable than who/what eludes you.

Your sexual magnetism burns brightly in February/March, and again November through next February. Both these periods could tempt you powerfully toward an extra-marital affair. This relationship could take a big bite out of your reputation - and heart. Be honest!

Former flames arrive in March/April, August, and November, but they aren't "true love." Aim for true love, Gemini - someone will captivate you with an ethereal kindness.

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
Until July, your emotions revolve around home, children, your mate and your garden. Cozy up, schmooze over fine wine, dinner and candlelight. Romantic feelings will spark in restaurants, on nature trails, at the neighbourhood ballpark. If you're single, look for prospects in such locales, woo someone with your cooking, show your love of kids, or join a hiking club.

Summer ends your deep privacy. Suddenly guests and invitations rush in. A July temper tantrum blows away two years of gloomy thoughts - you'll be permanently more cheerful here on out! This heightened social trend will increase your contacts with prestigious and sensually magnetic people until February 2006.

February/March trigger exciting meetings - love or anger are right on the surface! (March is better - you could meet someone with a heart as gentle as a summer breeze.)

In November, you begin a year of giant romantic luck. November through February, you could meet a perfect love, a powerful romantic love!

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Married Leos will dance through a round of pleasurable travel, museum and cultural visits, theatre, theme parks and school plays. Your children charm you all year. If you're single, communications, travel, many contacts, educational, artistic, cultural and intellectual pursuits are 2005's recipe for romance!

Keep it light, Leo. Don't fantasize a friendly romance into the love of the century, or you could be sulking with disappointment August onward. If you're already in a serious relationship, 2005 brings wedding discussions. But marry before August, or wait until after February 2006. Marriage is deeply entwined with mystery, sexual urges, and deep lifestyle changes through 2010 - and could hold some surprises.

February brings a kind, bright-eyed, but strong person. An old flame could return in March/April, July/August, or November/December. That March/April flame was once a serious love - could it be again?

A hectic career pace could distract you from love August through February - a co-worker romance is possible.

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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Relationships follow an exciting, erratic and unpredictable path this decade. 2005 could be called your "sexual year."

Springtime boosts your romantic courage. Exciting meetings seem almost destined. Someone nervous, cheerful, elusive and sentimental figures prominently. March/April could bring a deeply sensual old flame - he/she's meant to change your life, not marry you. In May you careen between mellow, gentle feelings and hot, almost argumentative attraction. Marriage could follow!

You're willing to spend on love this year, but don't "buy love." If you're married, pay to increase the comforts of home or to aid your mate's career.

Your popularity and cheerfulness have been dampened for two years. In mid-summer this influence ends. Your mood grows buoyant, your confidence rises, and physical attraction mingles magically with a mental, enchanting atmosphere - for seven months! An honest, open yet mysterious person might drive you to sweet distraction. You might marry this person. Reject extra-marital temptations during this intense period.

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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Your luck, optimism and cheerfulness reach a decade high in 2005. Some turn of events will bring you prominence and attract admirers, especially among Geminis, Sagittarians, Leos, Aries and Aquarians. You have the confidence this year to pursue the kind of person who seemed out of reach before. (Co-workers are "easy conquests" until 2010, but are they lifelong mate material?)

February/March bring sweet romantic feelings toward someone, but both months stir up home tensions. If you're married, behave! An old flame or former mate could appear in March/April. If this relationship was good once, it could be even better this time. But you both need to solve one big problem (money? different cities? other spouses?).

June brings affectionate marriage plans, or a talkative, gentle admirer.

Late July starts a seven-month period of intense sexuality, and could move a romance into deep personal and financial commitment. If you're married, your physical relationship intensifies - or a major change looms.

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
You feel some mild stirrings, some romantic notions, but nothing propels you to extreme action from February to July. It's a perfect time for married couples - intimacy and afternoon naps deepen your love. If you're single, you might form a quiet, supportive bond.

A few romantic moments pique your interest in February and March, but they're soon replaced by April's work and home demands. In May, someone tweaks your sentimental sensors; romance could catch fire! June's sexy. But overall, you remain in a contemplative mood.

Everything changes August onward. You're about to meet someone who will either fascinate or frustrate you (or both) right into February of 2006. Suddenly, life becomes an adventure! If you're married, your mate grows cheerfully argumentative. If you're single, sparks fly! Be gentle.

By November onward, this new, fiery trend in love is joined by a surge in your confidence, humor and cheerfulness. Luck rushes in, in love and money!

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Your popularity surges until November. If you're married, expect a round of social delights - but schedule intimate time, too, and take your children on a special vacation. Singles will meet romantic prospects at a social function, club or organization - anywhere people congregate. But don't play the field - lead one special person away from the crowd.

March/April's old flame might cool by May, or drive you to change partners. Don't start living with anyone May through June 12. June and July bring two exciting meetings, and a chance for deep gratification. Romance could quickly turn into "living arrangements."

Someone has his or her eye on you from July into early September. Lovers discuss marriage. This summer features another old flame, perhaps returning from afar. Schools, churches, libraries, law offices and travel hubs promote romantic meetings. From August through February, you could become involved with someone in your career field.

A major love wish could come true this year.

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
For two years, you've been serious and loyal. If single, you've either decided to defer the chase until a later time, or you've quietly pursued someone who's not easy to catch.

The spring is fine but mild in love. Your sexual magnetism simmers in February/March. May brings romantic feelings.

July sounds a new, brave, clear note: You start to exit relationships that haven't grown. You're ready for a change. For two years, you'll veer into deeper, fruitful links. If married, you might become pregnant. If you're single, sexual drives will motivate you.

From late July to next February, an important romantic trend arrives. Your amorous courage soars; you'll know what (and who) you want. Someone exciting appears at a social function in September/October. Your attractiveness surges November through February. Ultimate, powerful romance begins! This whole period starts a year of wishes coming true - if you don't meet great love, it won't be the cosmos' fault!

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
2005 is one of the two or three best years in a decade for Aquarian singles to fall in love! Cast your net wide, for Cupid's restless this year. You could find love at social functions or while travelling or exercising your intellect. A wedding could occur.

You'll attract someone in February with your gentle, sweet mood. April gives you the courage to chase someone who talks and moves quickly. (This relationship might end later this year, though.) In late May/June romance charges ahead like a race car.

If you do fall in love, don't start living together between July 27, 2005 and February 19, 2006. If you're married, channel extra energies during this period into home-based projects, renovations, etc. This doesn't sound romantic, but it could prevent some serious arguments!

August features exciting meetings - and challenges. An old flame might appear. July begins a two-year period of careful, serious action in love and all relationships.

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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
Until November, luck opens many doors to physical intimacy - sometimes with mysterious or powerful people. Relationships are not playthings this year - it's all or nothing. If you become involved, lifestyle changes, mortgages, babies and such things follow naturally. This period offers many temptations - to marry for money, to enter an extramarital triangle, etc. So be good! If you notice delays, or suspect your motives, withdraw from the situation; you could be entering a velvet trap.

You're very social in March. Your magnetism rises in May. July is passionate and sensual. August through February (2006) brings an unusual amount of travel, visits and conversations. September excites you and another! A social function could bring love of a very sexy kind from November through February.

November begins a year that naturally propels single Pisceans toward wedding vows. If you're still unattached, 2006 will bring a love prospect who buoys your mind and feelings in a profound way!

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