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(Note: I have repeated the general luck discussion from 2010 – your 2011 forecasts continue below this intro.)

The latest research on luck indicates that it has some connection to recognition of patterns. People who recognize patterns quickly, or who can “find Waldo” or quickly recognize the odd item in a hundred similar items, tend to have good luck, also. Perhaps that’s where the four-leaf clover concept came from – anyone who can find the four-petalled one in a field of “threes” would have to be a pattern-viewer par excellence.

Other research points to the role of family upbringing: often families are “”unlucky together” in the sense that if your parents were accident prone, you will tend to be. Families often share anti-authoritarian levels (which are linked to accident-proneness). Sexual and physical abuse tend to run in families, from generation to generation. These conditions will tend to prevent good, or produce bad, luck.

In astrology, luck is often connected to cheerfulness – mainly because the most cheerful sign, Sagittarius, is also considered the luckiest. But there is big and small, or temporary and long-term luck, too. Many Sagittarians are lucky, win tickets, get invited to travel by friends, are liked by hiring bosses, etc. But it’s often that dour, careful, unlucky Capricorn who ends up secure, affluent and happy late in life. Sagittarians often need to learn to use their natural luck, or it will always remain “small luck.”

In astrology, too, the planet that rules luck – Jupiter – also rules expansion. In fact, often what we call “good luck” is simply expansion – luckily, my business grew! Luckily, my pumpkin’s the biggest, and won the prize! I only had ten dollars, now I have a thousand! But expansion works both ways: Jupiter can increase the size of a tumour, make debts grow, etc.

And luck needs room to grow. It needs fertile ground. Luck cannot grow in bitterness, no more than plants will root in salt soil. Luck expands most in a field of faith, and when the heart is hopeful, eager, joyous, and expects, anticipates good things. Ultimately, luck is a form of love. Life is like any human (or dog!) – if you love him/her/it, he will tend to love you back. Life, too, loves those who love it. And life often expresses its love by doling out good luck. Not always – sometimes she returns love by conferring love, or beauty, or spiritual peace.

The main thing is: love, and you will be “lucked” in return.

Our present luck cycle for 2011 lasts less than 5 months – from January 22 to June 4, 2011. This is a very short period (as these cycles go) so make sure you grab your luck quickly and early. Being impulsive is better than being too careful. By June, a completely different cycle will arrive, which I will point out in late spring.

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
ARIES, your personal luck will soar from January 22 to June 4, 2011. You’ll be outgoing, optimistic, cheerful. A rush of new confidence will buoy your steps. The past year of restriction and relative solitude (2010) is no more!
You are almost certain to succeed in any area, but especially in higher education, business, foreign travel, publishing, broadcasting, religion/philosophy, or in any cultural venue. Create your own opportunities. This could be counted as a beneficial legal period; however, it might merely expand a legal situation, causing a huge increase in lawyer’s fees – so be careful. Expect terrific results if you work in any intellectual field (student, professor, priest, writer, lawyer, etc.). But squelch any tendency to be pompous. You’ll feel like you know the truth this half-year, and you’ll be more than willing to enlighten all the poor uninformed souls around you.
Opportunities to fall in love, to meet a viable, socially acceptable mate, will be numerous. This is a superb period to wed someone. Foreign travel rewards. You could find fame and fortune – or a mate – in another country. Start your new life!
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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
TAURUS, from January 22 to June 4, 2011, your luck will be tied to background matters, to government agencies, corporate head offices, institutions (e.g., hospitals) to charitable organizations, spas and retreats. If you work in one of these areas, or in health fields, a promotion is possible. For the best luck, rest deeply, rejuvenate, be charitable and spiritual, contemplate, visit psychics, counsellors, and therapists. This is a great year to cast out old demons and bogeymen, to fulfill old obligations (so you’ll be free for your big luck year that starts in June 2011) and to reacquaint yourself with your soul. You might not feel hugely popular this first half of 2011, but security, real estate, family, investment and similar concerns will grow with a healthy, quiet providence. You can combine these lucky trends. For example, take a rest, visit a spa and then invest in it – or purchase a vacation, retreat or retirement property. Protect your health against expanded weight (hips, thighs) and too much protein.
This is not a good five months to seek attention, engage in contests, demand results, to leap into the romantic fray or try to outshine a rival. Where glitz, glamour, charisma and wooing a crowd are concerned, wait for a better time. In legal, educational, far travel and cultural affairs, use this period for study and preparation for a lucky late 2011, early 2012 success. Research will yield huge rewards.
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
GEMINI, January 22 to June 4, 2011 brings a significant new friend – or many. Your popularity will soar – an 8-year popularity boost starts now, wiping out 14 years of relative solitude. You’ll receive invitations, and could issue a few. Accept overtures quickly and happily – this is not a time for caution or suspicion! Join groups, clubs, organizations. A new social circle can boost your luck for at least six years, bringing cheerful bonds, optimism, and fresh horizons. Wishes come true in areas of marriage, partnership, relocation, negotiations, agreements and contracts – and “fame.” You’ll succeed in publishing, education, law, far travel, and broadcasting/media. This is a superb time to dream up a new future – wishes made now will tend to come true – now or in 2012/13. You might meet love, even true love, at school, in a group or while travelling – probably during a discussion about travel, a cultural event or intellectual interest. If you’re attached, you and your mate become “party central.”
DON’T patiently wait in the wings for anyone now. Jump on opportunities quickly. If you’re indecisive or procrastinate, the bus of bounty could whoosh right on by you. If in doubt, leap, approach, contact, say yes: Impulse wins, caution loses!
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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
CANCER, January 22 to June 4, 2011 brings luck in career, business, prestige, and relations with higher-ups (parents, bosses, VIPs, court judges, etc.). This luck cycle might continue a new ambition or “worldly success” project you began last summer. It’s unlikely that project came to full fruition, but it was probably a good start that you can continue now to June. Or, you can take up a new opportunity, begin a new drive for success. Either way, luck accompanies you. Opportunities will not wait around for long, so act quickly, don’t procrastinate. If your intuition senses no danger, if you feel calmly cheerful about a situation in business or career, status or community recognition, jump in quickly. Lady Luck won’t welcome the faint-hearted!
You could be promoted (though not necessarily paid more – be patient – or ask for equity in lieu of a pay raise). If you’re self-employed, clients praise you to other clients. Your profile rises. You could be headed for fame! You might marry, as a type of status achievement – make sure you’re in love also. You’ll tend to win appointments and elections. Be sure to present your ideas and proposals to the powers that be – and follow up, several times if you need to. If after all this you aren’t making a dent, switch targets – even bosses. This is a splendid year to change careers, or start a new one. January to March, success also comes from being outgoing. Shed inwardness.
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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
LEO, your five-month luck cycle (January 22-June 4, 2011) emphasizes foreign travel, higher education, legal affairs, fame, broadcasting/media, publishing, advertising, religion, intellectual pursuits, a new, wider view of humanity and society, a new understanding of the “why” of life, and a new mellow attitude that helps love float on a magical carpet! Plunge into these lucky areas – and without delay, as opportunities this cycle will not wait around, they speed by very quickly. Luck comes to the quick, even the impulsive. DON’T dig your heels in about a past situation – go forward!
You could meet a deep, viable and abiding love while travelling, or engaging in any of the pursuits mentioned above (higher education, legal affairs, etc.). You’ll be both wise and entranced.
However, these five months are also a “completion time,” so if you have been separated, a legal divorce might occur. If you’ve argued with someone, a lawsuit might now arise. Be very wary of lawsuits, as they would expand into mega-lawyer’s fees. Your mental creativity soars. This is a great, short phase to write – or attend school to improve your career abilities. (June 2011 will start a year of huge career luck.)
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
VIRGO, your luck for the first half of 2011 (January 22 to June 4) is mysterious, semi-hidden, powerful and whole-life affecting. This is a splendid time to change your lifestyle, either in small but potent ways such as making your diet healthier, or in large ways such as moving or purchasing a new abode. You can change your life from the inside out. Sexual intimacy is a likely “agent of change.” If you’re young, pregnancy is “very available.” You might find a warm heart, a warm bed and a warm house all in one package! (But read your 2011 “Year Ahead” also.) Follow your hunches, be brave enough to act despite “unknowns.” And act quickly, for opportunities will speed by during this cycle.
Your personal income will continue to be a bit restricted or slim, but you can make very lucky investments; one might eventually contribute more to your welfare than wages would. However, don’t buy an investment that might require more financial input than your income can support (and be conservative when estimating your income).
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
LIBRA, late January to June 4 brings one of the most potent relationship opportunities in many years – and it has a double significance, for this short period also kick-starts an 8-year “romance and marriage” phase. You can meet love’s open door anywhere, but especially while travelling (even on the bus to work) or while engaged with media (from picking up a newspaper to texting on your mobile). Undeveloped areas (camping, third world countries) are filled with prospects. Be outgoing, responsive and don’t ponder someone’s approach too long – chances come swiftly and go swiftly during these five months!
Love won’t be your only opportunity: splendid luck will accompany you in relocating, dealing with the public, seeking fame, negotiations and agreements, partnerships and business dealings – in any situation where you go out from yourself, to the “other.” Be attuned to other people’s desires and needs – therein lies your success! Two scenarios are possible: 1) you could be rewarded now for past efforts, or 2) you can begin ventures which will meet with reward in the future.
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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
SCORPIO, from January 22 to June 4, your biggest luck exists in the work sphere. This is an excellent interval to purchase machinery, big or small, and to seek employment, gather clients, take on two jobs or accept more responsibility. The opportunities you meet from June 2011 to July 2013 will be dependent in some way on the efforts you expend during these four-plus months in early 2011, so work hard.
Though this is a good time to expand your tools or work-related machinery, try to do so before March – after this, investments and debt should be avoided – for example, don’t take out a 200 grand loan for a new excavator. April cautions against big commitments: lemons abound. Buy machines because they will bring in more cash, not because they will make your business bigger or more impressive – that way lies disappointment.
We call Jupiter the luck planet because it expands things – usually that’s good. But during this short cycle, you might not appreciate some of Jupiter’s “blessings” – an expanding waistline and health problems that grow quickly are two things to guard against. If single, you have a special reason for keeping fit and trim, as June begins a year of very lucky relationship opportunities!
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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
SAGITTARIUS, your luck, from January 22 to June 4, hits the very region that most depends on luck – romance, sports, games, speculation, creativity, children’s pursuits, and pleasure. You’ll be on a five-month winning streak! Chase your opportunities quickly, even impetuously, for they will come swiftly and race by you. Reach out and grab rather than ponder. For example, if you meet a potential heart-throb in February, you can’t come back in mid-June and expect him/her to still be available. If you have to leave on a ten-month world tour, then take him or her with you!
If single, a major romance is possible. Again, don’t hesitate – if you get a potent glance, respond, talk, start things. This luck phase is only the beginning, in many ways, for by mid-March another influence enters romance, creativity, children’s pursuits, et al – an electric, quick, unpredictable, friendly influence, to last eight years. During these eight years, you will be likely to travel often, and to meet romance or pleasure during your voyages. But January to June of 2011 tends to set the tone, so don’t waste this time. Your creativity emerges in writing, speech, and other communications. Don’t let your temper fight your romantic opportunities in March. Intense attraction is slated for April – this could be an old flame, perhaps from last summer, or from 2000/2001.
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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CAPRICORN, from January 22 to June 4, your major luck will be tied to real estate, home, children and parents, security, business foundations, plumbing, basements, nutrition, gardening and agriculture, nature, mining, and the basics of life. This is an excellent time to seek therapy, heal family problems, etc. It’s a great period in which to establish a family, seek pregnancy or give birth. For older people, it’s a lucky retirement period, ensuring a cheerful, often prosperous situation in ensuing years.
These few months are one of the best times in a 25-year cycle to buy a home, change homes, build a house, or otherwise expand your property. If you only have a bit of money, buy a rural bit of land for vacation camping or a future retirement cottage. If you’re a renter, changing abodes can also benefit you – if you look, you’ll find a better deal than you now have; but you might also be tempted to spend a much larger monthly sum. In business, now’s the time to expand your market territory, or to purchase your warehouse, sign an office lease, etc.
Whatever you do, be quick, even impulsive, for this luck period is swift; it favours the brave and the quick. These four months also bring beneficial endings and new beginnings, so use this time to quit stale or restrictive situations, projects and relationships, and to start anew. Get plenty of rest. The security and peace you establish this year will give you a platform of strength to meet 2011’s exciting adventures – creative, romantic, and, perhaps, child-related.
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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
AQUARIUS, late January to early June will not seem like a time of huge life steps, but it can be an important preparatory phase, in which doing what fascinates you also steers you toward future success. Travel, casual friendships and communications soar during this short period. You might, while travelling, stumble upon the place where you’ll “take root” within the following year (June 2011 to June 2012) – a place where you’ll feel cheerful and prosperous. Or you might make a casual friend who can become a powerful love a year or two later. You won’t necessarily know which place that is, or who among the contacts you make will become a deeper friend. (Some of the many new contacts can also later prove to be valuable business/work allies.) So be curious, explore many new places – just get in your car and go! Chase variety, for many choices means more chances. A former friend might return in April.
Paperwork, communications, mail and messages swell January to June. You’ll experience a hectic pace without pressure – an odd but pleasant combination. Your siblings or a casual acquaintance could be a source of luck, So could telephone calls, newspapers, magazines, the internet – anything that brings you information. At work, though, beware of being buried under an avalanche of details, data and time-wasting chores.
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
PISCES, from this Saturday (January 22) to June 4, your money luck surges. This is a very short luck cycle; usually they last more than 12 months. Opportunities will speed by you, so be quick to seize them – this is no time for examination, procrastination, caution. Be impulsive – if you see an opening, jump in.
Your monetary luck is likely tied to career, ambition, relations with important people (bosses, parents, judges, etc.) or your community reputation. For example, if you’re a consultant or private practitioner, the higher your reputation or the more “people of clout” you know or win the approval of, the better your monetary fortunes (lucrative clients, higher fees, etc.). This is a splendid time to seek a pay raise, extra work, a more responsible position. Your pay check might swell with overtime, but it’s better to take a small, permanent raise than a big overtime bonus, as the former is more permanent, and will support you longer. This is also a splendid four months to change careers. The eight years ahead emphasize earnings from government, large corporations, management, institutions, NGO’s, nursing, hospitals and charities – consider these fields if you are not happy in your present position.
Purchases are lucky now also, but buy nothing important March 30 to April 23 – lemons abound.
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