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2007 should be named "The Year of Weddings" - for many will occur! Love thrives all year, but only promises practical support and longevity if it starts before September, or after mid-December.

If you can't find the love you want (especially you earth or water signs) wait until 2008, when a great shift will take place in many lives, a shift that will open our eyes to love's real charms, and bring new worlds of feeling to those who yearn for relationship.

This year, old flames could assume an important love role for Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces - and (though less so) for Aquarius, Taurus and Capricorn.

Love can be big, bright and friendly, as it will be in 2007 for the air and fire signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These natives will be buoyed by luck and optimism in all personal dealings, including love. Or love can be a deep, intense fire, sensual, sexual and passionate - as it will be at various times for Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.
It's an odd year in that every sign, bar none, faces Cupid's volleys. Even more oddly, the same signs that have the greatest romantic luck this year - Leo to December, the Virgo from late December into 2008 - are the two signs most likely to say, Hey, I've got pressing business elsewhere. But listen - love is the most important business of this life!

Aries - (March 21-April 19)
2007's complicated. If you chase a co-worker, mentor, boss or power figure, or someone of a different age, romance's yield might be small and slow. Delays in love can also affect a bond first formed from September 04 to October 06.
But if you seek your mental, intellectual and cultural "equal," love will probably be swift and profound. Far travel, higher learning, religious involvements, cultural and artistic events will bring a flow of amorous prospects all year. Seek enthusiastic personalities. (That sympathetic, sensitive, quiet friend, though valuable, is subtly complicated and hard to tie down.)
You're all business in February, but March brings you interesting - perhaps clandestine - attractions. Your magnetism surges in late May and June - a sweet interlude might turn into a lasting, practical love with a talkative, physically charming person. August fires your romantic jets - again with a talkative, restless person. The entire June-August period - and December into 2008 - could bring a hugely successful marriage - or a life-mate kind of love!

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Taurus - (April 20-May 20)
This is a very sexy, intimate year. If you're attached, you'll grow closer through commitments: mortgage, joint accounts, mutual investments - and a possible pregnancy! Bedroom satisfaction soars; but turn your back swiftly on extra-marital temptations.
If you're single, you'll meet someone who fulfills your deepest sensual and practical needs. To keep this person, accent a light, happy bond rather than heart thumping infatuation. Being social wins: chasing chases him/her away.
Your domestic situation brings you both burdens and joys - combine the two by undertaking stable projects with your loved one. Refuse boredom!
February through June, you'll meet chirpy, talkative people who offer deep bonds, but make you examine your motives. Attractions tend to be secret. Domestic bliss visits in June. Your surging summer magnetism could trigger an important attraction (perhaps an old flame). This affectionate draw might pull you again in October/November. You could fall swiftly in love in January/February of 2008. Both 2007 and 2008 will bring a bonanza of love's luck!
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Gemini - (May 21-June 20)
2007 rings wedding bells for single Geminis, tolls divorce bells for unhappily married Twins, and trumpets the call of distant lands for happy couples.
The December/January just past might have brought a significant development with someone who attracts but puzzles you. Envision your relationship in twenty years. If that picture gives you deep doubts, turn to face 2007's fresh offerings - for this year is filled with exciting, challenging, active, enthusiastic, intelligent and opinionated partnering prospects. One of them could be your future mate!
Someone responds to your heightened sexual urges in February/March. An old flame might appear. You charm everyone socially in April, but not in May. You can attract a great friend in June - one who could, eventually, share your life. Avoid a clandestine temptation in February and July. Your sexual magnetism flares from late summer into March 2008. A fiery, inspiring person could literally demand to marry you - or vice-versa! A major life wish (not necessarily involving love) comes true!

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Cancer - (June 21-July 22)
If you're single, you could marry unexpectedly due to a sexual attraction. There's a strange interplay this year (and decade) between intimacy and social approval, between secrecy and openness, inflamed desire and cool resolutions.
You should judge all of your love prospects in 2007 with one fact in mind: that mid-December through 2008 will bring a huge new horizon in love, and a huge new turn in your life, that could make the promises, prospects and situations of the past fifteen years seem a little irrelevant.
In 2007 you'll find sexy, gentle love prospects at schools, libraries, travel hubs, cultural events, law courts and art galleries, especially February to April. A casual friend could spark passionate moments in May. Your magnetism soars in July, while August/September might tempt you toward a verboten link. An old flame might pursue you in October/November. If a love affair starts this month, it will burn brightly right into mid-2008 - this love could trigger your future in giant ways!

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Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)
Get ready for your biggest romantic year in a decade! A love affair is virtually certain. Of course, you can avoid it by working too hard, being stiff or disapproving, or letting past disappointments fool you into cynicism or mistrust. (Compassion is the cure for mistrust, since compassion sees clearly.)
You might have already met someone special since last November. If so, February onward will deepen and expand your love. If you're unattached, don't make love wait, as September through December brings obstacles. You could soon share living quarters with the one you love.
You'll find love most easily in educational, creative, recreational, artistic, travel and pleasure venues. Haunt theatres, racetracks, sports events, lectures on childhood, travel hubs, dances, etc!
February/March bring partnership potential - perhaps with an old flame. March is downright sexy, or argumentative, or both. April through June brings wedding talk. Your sweetness beguiles someone in June. Events move swiftly in August - you'll get your way if you seek it!
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Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
You've just wandered into the first year of a great love cycle. Until mid-December, you'll achieve emotional and financial security. This will provide the launching pad for 2008's powerful, healthy love. 2008's love will in turn enhance your security, in a virtuous circle (romance-security-romance) that lasts for the next 19 years!
Use 2007 to seek new relationships, new places and ways to live. You'll meet unusual, fascinating and challenging prospects. If you're compatibly married, your home life grows more loving and nurturing.
February to June, romance mixes with powerful sexual drives - don't be tempted by a clandestine love. An "ex" might appear in February/March - so might marriage possibilities. May brings an attraction that switches between argumentative and gentle. In September your love planet moves into your sign for a two-year stay - but a relationship that starts September to December 18 might hit practical barriers. From December 19 to next February (and onward) love is real, workable, and true - plunge in, destiny awaits!
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Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Unlike the past two years, 2007 brings many acquaintances - and many chances to start an easy-going yet deeply satisfying sensual dalliance. It might not be true love, but it will fill your days until true love comes. An Aries looks at you and thinks, "partner." If you want to marry in 2007, do it before September - your union will be light, happy, secure, financially fruitful and stable. If you're married, travel, cultural and intellectual interests will keep you both on a happy, loving track.
In February, a sweet attraction might mingle with domestic friction. March/April bring exciting meetings - and romantic dreams. May is lustful and sexy. You could meet a very marriageable person late May through June. August brings light, flirty relationships - a potential lover's words and actions might lift you on a gentle magic carpet of inspiration, knowledge, dreaming and/or foreign travel. This person can fascinate you right into February of 2008. Wait until that month to decide how deep love is.

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Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Your true love train might not enter the station until 2011 onward - but the ride, once begun, will last for decades. Meanwhile, romance begins to blossom anyway - a foretaste of bliss. But, considering that future potential, should you love or not love deeply this year? Love, Scorpio - your whole life will run smoothly if you let your heart soar. If you keep relationships on a social level, subtle dissatisfaction will dog you.
February, June/July and October bring old flames. February through April, a major love adventure could start with a quirky, unpredictable person who sparks your tender, vulnerable side. Lust and romance could drive you to mate in April/May - but avoid verboten, extramarital situations.
You'll feel the gentle joy of someone's desire in July - this situation could seriously heat up, or turn into argument. August through February 2008 intensifies a sexual attraction, perhaps toward a co-worker. This could have a significant effect on your life - or your job. Be honest and careful!

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Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
This is your luckiest year in a decade - and you get to decide where that luck applies. If you want love, you'll find it. Romance will have to compete with the other exhilarating lures that entice you - foreign journeys, philosophizing, politics, higher education - or delicious freedom!
Still, a Gemini, Aries or Leo might steal your heart - if they can keep up to you!
You'll chat with someone in February/March, but it isn't serious. By April, an attractive person will intrigue and frustrate you at the same time. April through mid-May is NOT a good time to begin living with anyone. Late May and June bring one of 2007's best prospects - sweet moments, true attraction, healthy equality - and wisdom. August promotes real love. A relationship might move to a new level, or a new love could attract and puzzle you right into March 2008.
Don't marry merely to possess someone, or to make yourself financially secure - or you'll end up being the possession!

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Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Until mid-December, new relationships seem light and casual - yet you hunger for deep intimacy. You might reach that rewarding closeness with someone familiar and loyal, perhaps an old flame. But don't make a profound commitment merely to gain sensual and emotional nurturing. If you can't enjoy intimacy before marriage, you won't after! (2008 brings true wedding vibes, so be patient.)
Your sexual magnetism simmers all February - a friendly romance could begin! You'll make wise decisions about sensual matters (and you might form a sweet, friendly romance) in March/April. May brings the emotional vulnerability of true attraction.
Your nesting instinct grows through May/June, but indecision about whether to join your life with someone lasts right into July. Cresting waves of sexual and romantic excitement could end this indecision late summer into autumn - tossing you onto a balmy beach of real love, gentle acceptance and happiness! October might trigger a powerful, scrappy attraction that keeps you excited right into next May.

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Aquarius-(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
2007 boosts your optimism and confidence. You'll radiate a subtle, magnetic sensuality all year, especially in February, June, August and October. Your popularity will surge, bringing flirtations and social delights. Accept all invitations, as two significant romantic prospects will arise from a social function. Married Aquarians will enjoy hosting social and political gatherings.
When you move beyond flirtation, to romance, to deep intimacy and, perhaps, to actual marriage possibilities, the atmosphere changes. Serious, ponderous themes of loyalty, security and protection enter crucial, one-on-one relationships, at least before September. You might be attracted to someone considerably older or younger. You could find you have a happy, light romance with person A, but are committed deeply to person B. Decide carefully: choose joy!
Your charisma and courage soar in March. Approach someone very attractive in June - take the plunge! This summer elevates attraction to powerful romantic and marital levels. If a love affair starts in August, it will flare hotly into next February - or beyond!
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Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)
The best thing you can do for love this year, Pisces, is be yourself. You're immersed in a gentle, ethical, glowing personal cycle that is sure to attract admirers. Because your career is so potently lucky through December, you might become involved with a co-worker, boss, mentor, teacher or other power figure. You'll find it easy to combine the loving and the practical in one relationship.
Before December 19, be slow to marry or begin a common-law relationship. After this, from into 2008 into 2024, you'll be swept into a whole new circle of acquaintances - new, very compatible ones, the true love kind.
Your personal energy and charisma shine in March, but you attract people who have a complicated agenda. Avoid triangles. Your sexuality radiates April/May - a mutual attraction simmers! The summer brings passion and domestic friction - don't begin living with anyone in August or September. October might renew summer's passion - if so, you'll ride love's wave through May, 2008 - perhaps beyond!
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